The leads are POURING IN” 35 leads per month on Facebook, 400% more leads in 3 weeks with SEO and Google Ads


Adapta Ramps is one of Australia’s most innovative companies. They are a manufacturer of prefabricated ramps, handrails, and step access kits, with Australia-wide distribution. A veteran in the industry with more than 20 years of experience, Adapta Ramps still had room to grow in terms of getting a digital foothold.

The Challenge

While already a big name in the local scene, Adapta needed some help in stepping up their website design. While a website with great functionality over better convenience to familiar customers, it isn’t enough to reach new prospects.

Our Solution

We designed and developed a website that will help put their best feet forward: access solution customization and nationwide distribution. But even with a seamless order quotation system, we’ve only solved the middle and bottom funnel of their online presence.

To establish prominent visibility that will ultimately improve their leads & conversion, Digital Marketer Bee developed a lead generation campaign that positions Adapta not only in front of more eyes, but to eyes with the intent to convert.

Website Design

Construction is a fast paced industry so we developed a website for Adapta that specifically caters to convenience and swiftness. With an easy-to-use platform, users just need to choose and customise the system they want, and Adapta will dispatch the complete pack in as little as 5 working days.

“Digital Marketer Bee has helped us set up our online footprint which started again with a brand new website and a digital presence for the first time,” Daniel Leary describes. Like their do-it-yourself kits, the website is easy to follow and understand. The seamless user journey helped Adapta get more quotation requests from visitors.

Social Media & Facebook Ads

First stage of Adapta’s visibility & lead generation campaign is for social media, specifically on Facebook & Instagram. 2 things were taken into account in developing their social media presence: establishing their brand voice, and ripple out their reach on social media.

adapta facebook

On solidifying Adapta’s branding, Dan adds “we’ve pretty much rebranded our entire business through starting with Digital Marketer Bee and working our way through that.” In less than a year, they gained a 412% increase in followers, 3,500% average increase in views, 600+ average monthly website clicks that converts to an average of 20 leads per month.

adapta leads

SEO & Google Ads

With a new brand image and messaging in tow, an active social media presence was a good gateway to get the word out about Adapta. However, we’ve also found out that there’s an equally rich customer base they’ve yet to access via Google Search.

“From what it was at the start; trying to just get to social media–now we’ve taken away from that and come all the way back to trying to be a little bit more of a presence through Google.”

From the combined visibility that social media and search engine optimisation, and a well-engineered Google ads campaign, there is a monumental increase and sustained traffic to the website that now averages at 2,000 monthly users.

Not only is Adapta gaining tremendous traffic but high-quality traffic. The buying potential of the users is apparent with the high goal completion rate or leads coming from the website, which in Adapta’s case, are all the users that submitted a form to request a quote, and users that clicked on the phone number to make a call. We can’t sum it up any better that Dan has: “the leads are pouring in! Our enquiries have gone up. Such a massive improvement for us.” The ads campaign has a 95% improvement in leads for the time that it launched.