One of Australia’s most innovative companies, Adapta Ramps is an online supplier of prefabricated ramps, handrails, and step access kits. With an easy-to-use platform, all you need is to choose the system you need, and they’ll dispatch your complete pack in as little as 5 working days.

The Challenge

While the company boasts a beautiful website and offers a brilliant solution to businesses needing customised ramps, they found it difficult to garner leads from the site alone. The company sought the help of Digital Marketer Bee to put together a lead generation campaign that their sales team could use to supercharge their sales.

Our Solution

The DMB team did not leave a stone unturned when it comes to crafting a powerful lead generation campaign for the brand. We first made sure to establish a strong visual strategy to ensure consistency and strengthen brand identity, as well as reinforce value propositions through their messaging. We also launched a slate of Facebook ads to collect names, emails, and numbers for sales outreach, optimised keyword bidding, and reallocated SEM budget toward high-performing campaigns.

Social Media Management

Adapta Ramps also needed a hand in raising their social media presence. Prior to working with them, they only had a humble following count of 3 people and a low engagement rate. DMB got to work by visualising the brand’s value proposition and customer personas into palatable visual content not only to create consistency, but also to turn heads. We amplified their easy-to-order process and positioned them as experts in solving their ideal customers to further raise their credibility among the target audience.

The results speak for themselves — in addition to a 200% increase in followers, our campaigns also outperformed prior quarter performance in impressions. We helped the brand obtain a +300% increase in profile views, +250% increase in website traffic, and +80% increase in social media presence.

Facebook Advertising

Three separate Facebook campaigns were launched to help Adapta Ramps meet their bottomline. Each one with a distinct goal, we created campaigns to remarket to previous site visitors and engagers, reach out to the main target demographic, and target web-browsing behavior. Within these campaigns, three ad formats were tested — video, image, carousel — but in the end, the Lead Ads outperformed all campaigns.

Google AdWords

After unsuccessful partnerships with several digital management companies, the brand came to us hoping to finally come up with a quick and effective solution to their problem. Their engagement with us turned out to be successful — Adapta Ramps enjoyed steady increases throughout the life of the campaign and a drastic drop in cost per click and cost per acquisition with DMB Google Ads services. They also generated quality traffic to their site, leading to more quality leads.