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AIIM Choices

AIIM Choices: an independent provider of extraordinary NDIS plan management service. Harnessing the power of digital marketing with the right language to expand service clientele.

Aiim Choices

“I think Digital Marketer Bee is really a big asset locally.”

Sandy Powell

AIIM Choices

Expanding NDIS Services through Optimised Website and Effective Digital Marketing Strategies


  1. Expand brand visibility and reach for service support offerings
  2. Strengthen trust and credibility to take the organisation forward
  3. Deepen client engagement while maintaining a unique personal touch and language 

Location: Australia

The Brand

A national footprint with a personalised approach: AIIM Choices is about Achieving Innovation in Individual Management. Efficiently processing NDIS invoices and going beyond. With a seasoned team, AIIM Choices simplifies the experience for its clients through comprehensive, wrap-around support. Its commitment is to foster genuine relationships, ensuring participants are able to fully leverage their plans and lead fulfilling lives.

The Partnership

An enriching journey for both Digital Marketer Bee and AIIM Choices, we were able to identify these opportunities for growth in the organisation: 

  • The need to increase the organisation’s reach through digital marketing strategies
  • Absence of targeted advertising campaigns and associated landing pages to highlight primary services
  • Limited channels on how leads are acquired
  • Opportunity to enhance user engagement in the website through improved content and overall user experience 
  • Lack of other outreach strategies to reach and communicate with targeted audiences
  • Missing keywords that can optimise the brand content 

In taking the organisation forward and bringing it to more people, AIIM Choices, together with Digital Marketer Bee, collaborated towards digital transformation to address these pressing challenges. Recognising gaps in online reach, we introduced precision-targeted campaigns with bespoke landing pages, NDIS SEO strategies, diversified the organisation’s lead generation avenues, and delivered a revamped NDIS website for a more engaging user experience. 

As part of the overall digital marketing campaign, we also introduced email marketing for direct communication and incorporated essential keywords to boost AIIM Choices’ content visibility. With the strategic implementation of Google Ads, we enhanced website traffic and converted visitors into valuable leads. 

This proactive digital pivot significantly expanded AIIM Choices’ reach and fortified its standing in the NDIS sector.

Taking Action

Enhancing Online Experience: Plan Management Landing Page

We crafted a landing page highlighting AIIM Choices’ primary service, which was then synergised with a targeted Google Ads campaign. Notably, the surge in organic and paid ad traffic revealed an interesting pattern: many paid visitors revisited the site organically, indicating initial indecision. This revisiting behaviour, combined with the compelling landing page, led to successful lead conversions, underscoring the efficacy of the integrated digital strategy.

Further, through improved content, intuitive design, and enhanced responsiveness, visitors now enjoy a seamless and engaging experience, increasing the chances of converting them into loyal clients.

In less than 90 days, the landing page experienced

  • 1000+% increase in traffic
  • 2.7k additional page visits
  • 25% increase in average time spent on page

Diversifying Lead Generation

Instead of relying on limited channels, AIIM Choices explored new horizons. They implemented additional channels for lead generation, ensuring a wider and more diverse pool of prospective clients. This leads to the implementation of six (6) new lead-generating channels: 

  • Google Advertising, Newsletter Subscription, Form Submission, Phone Call, Email, and Location visits
  • Call Click identified as the most effective to-date
  • 200+ new leads converted from traffic

Boosting Traffic with Google Ads

To further enhance visibility and reach for AIIM Choices, we employed Google Ads. This not only drove increased traffic to its website but, thanks to the improved user experience and content, converted a significant portion of this traffic into valuable leads.

We also tailored the campaigns based on specific keyword targets or distinct objectives. Geographically, we prioritised areas like Albury–Wodonga, Campbelltown NSW, and Melbourne VIC. 

For conversion tracking, the campaign goals are twofold: first, to optimise for phone call leads, encouraging users to directly call after viewing the ad; and second, to enhance lead form submissions on the website. 

Following the campaign’s launch on May 2023, noticeable increases in impressions, clicks, and conversions were observed in June. This uptick suggests the modifications made to the Google Ads campaign are effective, hinting at promising results with sustained adjustments in the future.

The targeted Google Ads campaigns resulted to: 

  • 330k+ impressions
  • 3.7k+ ad clicks
  • 500% increase in user reach

Optimising Content with Keywords

While AIIM Choices offers valuable content to its clients, there are missed opportunities on some critical keywords that would optimise its online presence. By performing in-depth research and implementing these missing keywords, we ensured that our client ranked better on search engines and became more discoverable. These include adding targeted keywords to enhance the organisation’s overall brand visibility and campaign effectiveness. 

Embracing Email Marketing

Through direct email marketing, the organisation is able to maintain its personal touch with its audience, updating them on services, news, and more. 

  • 7k+ emails delivered
  • Email series sent to educate clients to maximise their plans and nurture email
  • 40% open rate; which is a notch higher than the average benchmarked data

Accessible Website Design for all

To help AIIM Choices share their excellent work with a wider audience, DMB created an accessible website that allows a more inclusive space for people with disabilities. With DMB’s web design Albury services, the accessibility features of the AIIM Website can easily be activated in a click of a button. 

These include features such as

  • Screen reader
  • Contrast toggle
  • Font size adjustment
  • Animation pause 

The Outcome

Ads Results 

During the initial stages of AIIM Choices NDIS digital marketing journey, remarkable progress was observed. In a short span, this innovative approach to digital marketing has transformed AIIM Choices’ digital landscape, creating waves of positive impact for both the service organisation and its clients. 

A new landing page and website, paired with a targeted Google Ads initiative, not only drew in curious visitors but enticed many to revisit and engage further. This seamless blend of strategy and execution meant increased visibility for the organisation’s services and more individuals benefiting from its exemplary offerings. 

By branching out and embracing diverse lead generation methods, we are able to reach a wider client base. The personal touch, a hallmark of AIIM Choices, was most felt through call clicks, forging over 200 new connections.

Geographical precision in the organisation’s advertising efforts brought them closer to communities in Albury–Wodonga, Campbelltown NSW, and Melbourne VIC, strengthening local ties and solidifying its community-centric ethos.

The brand also sharpened its online voice. By weaving in carefully selected keywords, our team worked with AIIM Choices to ensure that its valuable content resonated more prominently in online searches, making it easier for clients to find and benefit from the organisation’s services.

Collectively, these milestones promise a bright future for AIIM Choices, with a focus on enriching client experiences and fostering deeper connections.

Benefits to the brand

With these multifaceted digital marketing strategies, the brand is able to enjoy these many advantages: 

  • Enhanced Visibility: The notable surge in traffic makes AIIM Choices increasingly recognizable in the industry, both regional and national, placing it front and centre for potential clients.
  • Credibility Boost: The conversion of returning paid visitors underscores the brand’s compelling offerings, enhancing its trustworthiness and industry standing.
  • Expanded Reach: Tailored Google Ads and diversified lead channels ensure that the brand’s services resonate with a bigger audience, allowing it to offer its services to a broader and more diverse community. 
  • Digital Optimization: Strategic keyword integration elevates the brand’s online discoverability, positioning it as a go-to industry authority and making its valuable content more accessible.
  • Deepened Client Relations: Effective email marketing signifies AIIM Choices’ commitment to personal communication, nurturing loyalty both in the in-person and digital realms.

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