Albury is a site that focuses on bustling CBD to put a spotlight on its 750 businesses. With tons of content built around each business, it aims to gather support for one of the best regional towns in the country.

The Challenge

Having struggled to gain a strong foothold in the online space, Albury CBD enlisted the help of Digital Marketer Bee to build strong brand awareness. With our help, they want to make it known that Albury boasts a great selection of shopping and lifestyle experiences.

Our Solution

DMB rose up to the challenge and switched Facebook ad bidding from audience to campaign level to automate budget optimisation. We assessed split-test variants and deployed better-performing alternatives, resulting in more targeted campaigns. We also launched a comprehensive and intricate retargeting campaign and expanded top-of-funnel acquisition to get Albury CBD’s name out there.

Facebook Advertising

Using our expertise in Facebook advertising, we created highly-targeted and strategic ads funnels and tailored ad copy and creative assets to ensure that everything would appeal to the brand’s core audience. From there, we highlighted the best places Albury CBD has to offer to generate more interest. We didn’t stop there — the team also customised the brand’s messaging further and targeted sequences to align with the products from the top of the funnel.

The Results

With our help, Albury CBD enjoyed a massive reach. They had 645 new Messenger connections, almost 40,000 video views (and counting), and gained hundreds of new email subscribers.