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BankWAW’s goal with Digital Marketer Bee was to utilise different digital marketing resources and online channels to expand its reach and attract more customers.

The brand

BankWAW is a customer-owned credit union and banking institution that’s based in northeast Victoria and southern New South Wales. It has been in operation for over 65 years. Through a series of mergers and operational changes, BankWAW transformed into the credit union that it is today.

BankWAW is owned by its customers. Due to its nature, this credit union is heavily invested in improving the local community through its various socially and environmentally beneficial initiatives. In addition, it offers banking services that are aimed at helping its customers and stakeholders achieve their financial objectives.

Our Goal

In order to help BankWAW achieve its business objectives, Digital Marketer Bee internalised its mantra of helping customers achieve their financial goals. With that in mind, our specialists started to conceptualise digital marketing strategies aimed at educating BankWAW’s target audience about its various banking services.

Our ultimate goal for BankWAW was to boost its brand image and online visibility and transform it into the top credit union and banking institution in the local area. We want BankWAW to be the first thing that users and potential customers see in Google search results when they look for local banking services such as personal loans, savings accounts, and more.

BankWAW initially relied on traditional marketing methods to promote its brand and offers. But, with the help of Digital Marketer Bee, we revolutionised its marketing efforts by focusing on online channels to expand its reach.

Through the tireless efforts of our digital marketing experts, we were able to help BankWAW establish itself as a leading local bank that can cater to the financial needs of its target audience.

Improving BankWAW’s Google Ranking with SEO

One of the main services that we provided for BankWAW was Search Engine Optimisation. This process involved identifying keywords that users often use when searching for services similar to those offered by BankWAW on Google.

After narrowing down our list of keywords, we inserted them into BankWAW’s website content to optimise it for search engines.

Through our SEO strategy, we were able to achieve monthly increases in BankWAW’s organic website traffic. These results clearly indicate that our SEO efforts are working and that more and more Google users are finding BankWAW’s website.

In addition, BankWAW has started appearing on Google page 1 search results for its two keywords. The other keywords we optimised the business for were also able to gain significant positions on Google’s search engine results pages.

Bank SEO

Getting More Leads with Google Ads

Aside from SEO, we also utilised Google Ads to boost traffic to BankWAW’s website and attract more leads. For this process, we focused on the business’ most popular products and services, which are loans.

Our team then crafted laser-targeted ad campaigns that resonated with users who were interested in applying for certain loan packages. That way, we were able to show the ads to individuals who were already interested and ready to convert.

By running targeted ads for BankWAW for only a couple of months, we were able to consistently achieve monthly increases in impressions, clicks, and conversion rates. We were also able to boost the company’s leads completion rate by over 140%.

Meta (Facebook Ads)

As part of our multi-prong approach to digital advertising, we also launched Meta ads on Facebook and Instagram to boost BankWAW’s social media presence and reach. Similar to what we did for our Google ad campaigns, we created ads that focused on specific products or services offered by BankWAW.

These ads were then divided into different groups or ad sets that were created to appeal to different target audiences. Following this strategy enabled us to reach a diverse group of social media users.

In one of our Meta ad campaigns that ran for about a month, we were able to reach over 72,600 social media followers. The ads were shown on screen for almost 287,000 times. This campaign provided BankWAW’s website with a significant boost in traffic and leads.

The Outcome

Through our SEO, Google ads, and Meta ads campaigns, we were able to improve BankWAW’s online visibility through monthly increases in organic and paid traffic. In addition, our continuous optimisation and focus on BankWAW’s targeted keywords resulted in a significant boost in clicks and impressions. We were also able to improve the rankings of BankWAW’s keywords, with a couple of them reaching the #1 position.

The increase in the number of people visiting BankWAW’s website, which can be attributed to our combined digital marketing efforts, helped the company turn their leads into paying customers.

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