William John “Bill” Tilley is the Liberal Party member for the seat of Benambra in the Victorian Legislative Assembly. His main advocacy is to support small businesses and to assist them in achieving growth and economic stability.

The Challenge

Tilley’s team sought out Digital Marketer Bee to give his website an upgrade. The goal was to elevate the page in a way that would make it a good representation of what he stands for, as well as serve as a support portal for his electorate.

UX/UI Design and Build

In order to build a website that would be effective for Bill Tilley MLA and his constituents, we made sure to study user behaviour thoroughly and tied it up with the structure of the site. We improved the navigation flow and messaging, as well as streamlined the homepage and category pages. We made sure to get rid of anything that screamed blatant politics and replaced them with sections that were all for community and engagement. As a result, the website is centered on local issues, community events, local elections, and other elements that would be of help to Benambra.

Search Engine Optimisation

We optimised Bill Tilley’s site with longevity in mind. As a public official, we made sure that he comes across as a thought leader — a person of authority while being a vehicle for community resources. While his site had existing relevant content, almost everything was unoptimised. Digital Marketer Bee stepped up to the plate to add more quality links and rank for competitive keywords that will put his name out there.