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The Bullseye Optometry and Sensory Clinic wanted to have a modern website that’s both functional and designed for conversions in order to attract more customers.


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The brand

Bullseye is dedicated to providing eye health and vision care services to its patients. Through its team of highly qualified optometrists, therapists, and practitioners, as well as the latest technology in eye care and new sensory therapy services, the clinic is able to cater to its patients’ various needs.

The challenge

The Bullseye Clinic wanted to have an optimised website that not only attracts potential clients but is also designed to convert site visitors into paying customers. To accomplish this, we needed to utilise a combination of web development and search engine optimisation strategies to create a site that accurately reflects Bullseye’s brand and caters to the interests of its core target audience.

Web Development

As the digital growth partner of Bullseye, we helped them expand their online presence by developing a custom website that represents their brand and business goals. Our team of web design and development experts created the website in a way that supports the customer journey.

Its layout and overall functionality help make sure that site visitors can easily navigate through the website and find the information that they’re looking for. These include learning about Bullseye’s various services, finding the clinic’s locations, and booking an appointment.

Through a carefully-planned web development strategy, we were able to create a site that encourages site visitors to become customers.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

In order to improve the online visibility of Bullseye’s website, we used different SEO techniques to optimise its various pages and features. We laid out the groundwork for our SEO efforts by first identifying the keywords that we should target. We selected terms that reflected Bullseye’s brand and services and also those that appealed to the search intent of the client’s audience.

In addition to incorporating these keywords into Bullseye’s web content, we also created new content and optimised their Google Business Profile to improve their overall visibility and ranking on Google search results.

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