The brand

Known as Albury’s most iconic hotel, Sodens offers stylish spaces that are full of character. The hotel features a range of private and semi-private function spaces that are perfect for both social and corporate functions.

The challenge

Despite being a popular establishment, Sodens found it challenging to promote the other features of the hotel. They collaborated with Digital Marketer Bee to promote their pub/restaurant and the events they are hosting for the local community.

Facebook Advertising

For Sodens, created an original Facebook campaign strategy from the ground up. It featured a combination of event and messenger ad campaigns that were designed to bring in more foot traffic to the hotel.

219.64% increase in website traffic

Social Media Management

Our social strategy highlighted how Sodens Hotel is a place where you can enjoy a fun and family-friendly dining experience. To establish the hotel’s social media presence and connect with potential followers, we had a brainstorming session to familiarise ourselves with the main customer personas and Sodens’ brand philosophy. We then developed a style guide that creates brand cohesiveness across all their marketing channels.

Search Engine Optimisation

After analysing the services and offerings of Sodens Hotel, we crafted effective SEO strategies that were dedicated to increasing its regional visibility to make it the top leisure destination in Albury. These tactics led to increased website traffic and better conversions.

The brand

WISELIVING is an Australian-owned and operated manufacturer of sustainable heating, cooking, and hot water appliances and systems. The company takes pride in being able to deliver sustainable and customisable home heating solutions.

The challenge

WISELIVING enlisted the help of Digital Marketer Bee because they wanted to get more clicks on their new website. More importantly, they want visitors to interact with the site by inquiring about the specifications and features of their products.

Search Engine Optimisation

We used our Albury SEO prowess to deliver a full optimisation of their site’s backend. We also expanded their content efforts to include search-driven content that aimed to supercharge thought leadership and improve visibility in search engine queries. Our main goal was to grow WISELIVING’s audience.

Google Ads

Through our PPC Specialists, we utilised paid search and developed targeted Google Ads campaigns to expand WISELIVING’s online reach and visibility. We were able to place the company and its offerings in front of online users who are ready to buy and are actively searching for products that are similar and related to those offered by WISELIVING.

122.31% increase in website traffic

Content Strategy

For content development, we produced keyword-rich blog posts that contained valuable information about the company’s products. In many of these posts, we tackled topics that reflect the goals and beliefs of WISELIVING, such as sustainability and off-grid living.

The brand

Hurlcon Hydronic Heating is Australia’s most trusted hydronics supplier. It offers a variety of products and components for hydronic systems such as boilers, convectors, towel rails, thermostats, valves, and pipes and fittings.

The challenge

Hurlcon Hydronic Heating came to Digital Marketer Bee following the development of their new site. They wanted us to help their site grow by reaching out to a wider audience. More importantly, they wanted us to attract site visitors who are interested in what they have to offer.

Content Marketing

To garner more clicks and drive more traffic to the site, our content marketing team built a massive content bank to establish the brand’s thought leadership within its industry. Using the existing site framework, our content experts made smart recommendations as to which content to publish.

182.89% increase in website traffic

Search Engine Optimisation

Our optimisation efforts for Hurlcon Hydronic Heating’s new site started with keyword research. This allowed us to accurately pinpoint the terms used by online users when making search queries on topics related to the products and services offered by the company.
Through our actions, we were able to increase the site’s visibility in search results by 21.53%, which led to a 100% increase in page views.