The brand

Invisi Shield Organics combines science and sustainability to provide products that are alcohol-free, chemical-free, and 100% natural. This company’s organic sanitisers are formulated to protect families from harmful bacteria.

The challenge

Invisi Shield was seeking to undergo a full brand refresh and have partnered with us to be part of the journey. The goal was to give their website a complete overhaul with an increase in traffic and uptick in sales conversion as the bottom line.
ux/ui design and development
For the company’s new online medium, we delivered a beautifully-designed website optimised for commerce. To showcase what Invisi Shield Organics has to offer, we combined creative assets and informative content in its new website.

Search Engine Optimisation

To boost the site’s online visibility, we carried out a full-scale optimisation process. We directed our efforts toward attracting more organic clicks and visits to the site.

Facebook Ads

We leveraged major social media platforms to build brand and product awareness for Invisi Shield through carefully-crafted Facebook advertising campaigns. We created winning ad sets that connected with our client’s target audience and brought in new customers.

219.64% increase in website traffic

Email Marketing

We streamlined Invisi Shield Organics’ email campaigns by building automation workflows and a segmentation strategy, which is designed to improve the company’s subscriber engagement.