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Class Training

CLASS Training wanted to increase leads and conversions. They provide computing and accounting classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users.


“Bee and her team have provided lots of great digital marketing services for us.”

Mark Mannering

Class Training

The brand

CLASS Training, which was established in 1994, is focused on providing people with opportunities to improve their digital skills. Aside from expanding their skillset, they can also use their new digital abilities to secure better job positions.

This company offers training and tutorial courses on Microsoft’s major apps such as Word, Teams, Excel, OneDrive/SharePoint, and Publisher. It also provides computing and accounting classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users.

Through its website, CLASS Training organises and schedules face-to-face, hands-on, and online courses. Depending on the subject and level of the courses, these classes can last for a couple of hours to an entire day. In addition to the classes, the company also provides its students with training manuals, workbooks, and other files that they can use for digital upskilling.  

Our Goal

Like most of our clients, CLASS Training approached us with the goal of extending its reach and improving its website’s user engagement. Before working with us, the company mainly relied on traditional marketing approaches to attract new clients. Some of these included word-of-mouth referrals and print marketing materials.

Unfortunately, in today’s digital age, these traditional marketing strategies are no longer enough to maximise a company’s potential in attracting new customers. In order to make the most out of their resources and gain new leads, CLASS Training decided to turn to digital marketing.

The company’s site and social media accounts currently serve as its main platforms to get in touch with existing and new clients. Improving the quality and exposure of these platforms’ content will help the company reach a wider audience, which can then turn into high-converting leads.

In CLASS Training’s case, we turned to various digital marketing strategies to expand the company’s reach. Specifically, we focused on boosting the company’s SEO ranking and launching a Google ads campaign.

The former strategy involved using targeted keywords in CLASS Training’s website and social media content to improve the company’s ranking in search engines. Aside from the use of keywords, we also utilised other SEO-related techniques to boost our client’s online visibility.

Complementing our SEO efforts is a Google ads campaign that was designed to increase the traffic coming into CLASS Training’s website. Through our efforts, we helped the company connect with their targeted audience or the people who are most likely to avail of CLASS Training’s service. This strategy significantly helped in gathering new and additional leads for the company.

Taking Action

We started working with CLASS Training in March 2021. One of the actions that we carried out during the next couple of days and weeks was looking through the client’s website and social media accounts to perform an audit. This step enabled us to identify areas for improvement.

Search Engine Optimisation

While going through CLASS Training’s site, we focused our attention on the pages dedicated to the company’s offerings, specifically its courses and classes. Our SEO experts then carried out keyword research to identify the specific terms utilised by advertisers and Internet users when promoting and searching for content related to CLASS Training’s services and offerings.

The keywords that were identified and selected from the process were then incorporated into digital content for the site, such as blog content, articles, and social media posts. Aside from web copies, these keywords also served as the foundations of the titles and meta description tags of the site’s various pages.

This step involved improving the descriptions of the pages dedicated to the classes offered by CLASS Training. We also drafted articles that discuss the various topics related to the classes’ subjects. In addition to showcasing certain important keywords, these articles also provide readers with an idea of the type of services that the client provides.

The goal of this strategy is to allow search engines such as Google to easily detect and recognise CLASS Training’s various web pages, which can then improve their visibility and search rankings. In other words, the proper use of the right keywords can help web pages appear higher in Google’s search results.

Google Ads

Aside from improving the SEO content of CLASS Training’s pages, we also launched a Google Ads campaign to boost the company’s online presence and visibility. One of the main parameters that we used for the ads was the identifying and demographics and interests of our targeted audience.

Of course, in order to maximise the reach and effectiveness of the ads, we wanted them to catch the attention of the individuals who were already interested in services and classes similar to those offered by our client. This involved making the ads more visible to people who used search terms that were similar to the keywords related to CLASS Training’s courses. Doing so enabled us to present the company’s site and content to the people who would most likely enrol in our client’s training classes and courses.

Many of the ads and other online content we created for the company were designed to encourage individuals to visit our client’s website. This strategy allowed us to secure the top spot in Google’s search results. Since CLASS Training’s website ranked higher in Google search, more and more people started browsing the company’s web pages.

The Outcome

As stated earlier, we started working with CLASS Training in March 2021. Through our efforts that were focused on improving the client’s SEO content and launching Google ads campaigns, we were able to boost the user engagement of the company’s website.

The screenshot below shows the number of users who visited and interacted with CLASS Training’s site from March 1 to August 31, 2021. The graph clearly shows an increase in users during this period, which is significantly higher compared to the last five months before the company started working with us.

Specifically, the number of users interacting with the client’s website jumped by almost 41% during the campaign period. The visits also increased by over 30%. In addition to returning users, CLASS Training’s website also gained new visitors. As indicated in our data, the site’s new users increased by more than 47%.

Google Analytics also detected an increase of about 25% in terms of page views on the website. This suggests that more people clicked on CLASS Training’s site and viewed its web pages during the duration of our campaign period.

In addition to the new users browsing our client’s website, CLASS Training also experienced a boost in organic search. This term refers to the natural or unpaid traffic that originates from the search results generated by search engines, such as Google. 

The data below shows that the number of new users that visited CLASS Training’s website after conducting an online search increased by almost 18%. Sessions or user interactions with the site also jumped by more than 16%. 

The number of returning and new guests visiting the site during the campaign period had a direct effect on the website’s user interactions. As they browsed through CLASS Training’s web pages, they got exposed to what the company has to offer. This caused the client’s leads to increase by 100%.

The increase in CLASS Training’s users and organic search can be attributed to its improved online visibility. Through a combination of various actions, such as releasing blog posts that contain targeted keywords and fixing the title and meta description tags of the site’s pages, we were able to optimise the client’s ranking in search engines. In other words, our SEO efforts and Google Ads campaign were able to help CLASS Training’s website reach a wider audience. Many of these people then responded by visiting the company’s site and interacting with it.

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