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Bee and her team came in and they did a wonderful job. They were very thorough and they kept contact with us every week and showed us what was improving and all that traffic that was coming through and also helped us to increase our leads. We're looking forward to having a long term relationship with Bee and her team because it's become clear that you really need someone who has a lot of time and skills and keeps up with all the technology as it changes.
Lauren Black, Head of Marketing and Engagement – Wiseliving
Bee did extensive testing to ensure we were reaching the right audiences and reaching maximum impact. She kept us updated on the campaign's progress to ensure everything was running smoothly. She was always quick to respond to any of our emails and phone calls and make any revisions as we needed them. We came away with a long list of subscribers to our email database, a more engaged audience and people really understanding what our brand is about and the message that we were trying to convey.
Gabrielle Bourke
Deni RSL
She’s had a great deal of input into the success of the campaign so far and we’d really recommend her to anyone else that’s looking for somebody who will put in the hard yards. We’ve been given a lot of guidance as we were both fairly fresh to Facebook and she's been terrific with the campaigns and the marketing ideas she’s provided.
Michelle and Fiona, Functions Coordinator and Events Coordinator – Deni RSL
Earth Canvas
As the events of open days approached, we started an advertising program, where she put together some videos and imagery to go on Facebook and Instagram. All in all it was highly successful. We had over 450 people attend the events. We had great feedback from Bee regarding how people responded to the advertisements and she was tweeting them all the time so we got the best responses.
Gillian Sanbrook
Rooftop Media
Working with Bee has really taken our Facebook Ads to the next level. She has shown us strategies to maximise our return on investment and as a business owner, this is gold. Bee’s service is impeccable. She’s always so prompt to reply and strives to do her very best for her clients. This comes across in the quality of her work. She’s an absolute Facebook expert! She knows all the technical stuff and communicates it in a way that we can understand.
Hannah Nicholls
Business Edge Accountants
Each time something could be tweaked or better, she would give us advice and feedback and request more assets for the campaign to make sure we were maximising engagement. Although sometimes you can try and do this stuff yourselves, at the end of the day you engage with a professional and you get professional results.
Clayton Wood
BEC Business Advice
With the workshop, I found that it is extremely helpful in developing my plan for social media and its content especially with Facebook and Google. Helping me understand all the different analytics and how to work and find the best ways for my business to achieve more clients.
Deb McAlister