Earth Canvas


Earth Canvas is a project that connects artists with regenerative farmers to create a better future. Their aim is to share to the world the combined creative vision of the farmer and the artist’s impression of the landscape.

The Challenge

Earth Canvas came to DMB having zero social media presence. As a non-profit agency, they only focused on promoting regenerative farming practices by using art as a medium, but they wanted to share their work to the world. It was a case of spreading the word about the good work they do.

Facebook Advertising

Even when pressed for time, DMB managed to create a full-blown Facebook strategy and a process of securing payments as soon as the site went live. We rolled up our sleeves and worked to find Earth Canvas’ audience, target them hard and fast, and get the results in record time. To get the expected results, we staged a sales funnel that established touch points that resonated well with the target audience at every stage of their journey — from awareness all the way down to purchase.

The Results

Thanks to DMB’s strategic campaign, the organisation was able to sell over 400 tickets and enjoyed a return on ad spend of a whopping 542%.