Get 30 to 300 “Buzzing to Buy” leads each and every month with Facebook Ads

With 22 billion ad clicks per year and targeting that is 89% accurate, Facebook Ads can drive a swarm of leads and buyers to your business.

Deep dive with one of our Hive’s Facebook Ads experts to see how, when implemented correctly, they can turn your business into a sweet customer magnet.

It's been absolute pleasure working with Bee and her team. We sold 450+ tickets for our Open Days event in 40 days and it was highly successful!
Gillian Sanbrook of Earth Canvas

Your customers are out there, buzzing around all over Facebook, liking and commenting on cute cat videos, celebrating the highlights of their friends’ lives. But they won’t see your page’s posts unless you get in front of their faces…

with our proven methods of utilizing targeted Facebook ads that can potentially turn your $1 ad spend into $5 in revenue.

Traffic Generation

Using a mixture of organic content and paid advertising, we have the experience and expertise to leverage Facebook’s tricky algorithm to your advantage, delivering the specific type of motivated buyers that are perfect for your offer!


We know the exact tactics and strategies to create Facebook content and ads that draw buyer bees to your offer like a giant jar of honey, prompting them to take action, and pull out their wallets, increasing your ROI and sales.


Just like bees leave a trail of pollen behind them, your website visitors pick up pixel “pollen” that we can use to retarget them with perfectly-timed and high-converting ads wherever they buzz around on the web. If they don’t buy immediately, we’ll keep your message in front of them until they do!


Some potential customers need a bit more warming up than others. We’ll create automated nurturing campaigns to help build connection and trust so they feel comfortable buying from you.

Components of Success


We work collaboratively with our clients to develop a comprehensive strategy that drives you straight toward your business goals. First, we’ll look at your business’ USP, mission, vision, market position, and business model. Next, we’ll dissect the demographics and psychographics of your ideal clients so we can laser-target them in your ads. Then we’ll create your perfectly-tailored funnel strategy based on all of this essential information.

Research & Testing

Next up, we’ll research your market and competitors to help you stand out from the swarm. We’ll also run multiple tests for every element in your ads and funnel including ad format, targeting, copy, and creatives to help you reach the highest conversion rates possible. And we make sure we make adjustments based on Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm so your ads stay on target.


Our Hive rockstar team will create persuasive copy, engaging videos, and eye-grabbing photography to draw customers in like honey and send them in a swarm to buy your product or service. We know exactly how to connect with your audience to compel them to take action.

Implement, Analyse, and Optimise

Once we launch your funnel, we’ll continue to measure everything so we can increase conversion every step of the way. We’ll track every pixel so we know what is working and what needs a bit of tweaking. We’ll make continual adjustments to increase sales and decrease ad costs so your campaign buzzes ever happily along.

A total digital strategy.

At Digital
Marketer Bee, we’re Facebook
Ad experts.

We don’t sleep until we’ve helped you attract leads, increase brand awareness and generate profit, and that’s just us warming up. We want to help you optimise every cent you spend, on people who are genuinely going to book, buy and buzz with you – so that you not only break even, but actually generate a return on the investment of working with us. We want you to make profit. Real, cold, hard cash in your pocket from leads that actually spend money, again and again.

Some of the honeys we’ve helped

Bee has been designing and building a webpage for me. This process was something I had been putting off doing because I am unskilled and very hesitant in this area. During this process Bee was great to work with, her product knowledge was far ranging and she was able to communicate to me in ways that I could understand how to get the best benefit from the new tools she provided. I am very pleased with the work she has done for me, the result being an immediate increase in enquiries and bookings for my small business.

Bee is a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and understanding of the platform is so deep it blew us away! We also loved her approach to keeping us informed of our project and the advice she offered along the way. If you’re looking to leverage your Facebook Ads strategy look no further than @digitalmarketerbee and her team.
Bee and the team know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to content marketing and FB automation. She’s helped my copywriting business look after leads with speed and an automated voice that’s still authentic to my brand. Thanks Bee!

It all starts with your
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What can you expect? We’ll ask about sales process, and where you are in your business vs where you want to be. Once we have the nitty-gritty, we’ll come up with a free strategy plan – yours to keep, no wings attached. In it, you’ll find your competitors analysis, website and social media assessment, tailored funnel map, lead magnet options and landing page ideas.