With 22 billion ad clicks per year, Facebook Ads is simply modern day marketing.

And with various studies showing that they’re up to 89% accurate for targeting your ideal demographic, can you really afford not to be using them?

We think not.

Deep dive with a Facebook Ads expert on the team to see how, when done properly, they can change the game for your business.

Here’s what we know about Facebook marketing.

It’s official. Facebook Ads is a pay-to-play space.

One thing we all need to understand is that Facebook is no longer a place to market organically. No longer are you just ‘popping’ up on your ideal customers’ feed, by chance or even because they’ve signalled interest in what you offer. Facebook know that their user base is worth charging for, and now, they exclusively do. So, we’re not in the business of optimising your page to help your ideal customers find you… because they won’t. Instead, we’re in the business of getting you smack-bang in front of them, right when they need you. Even if they don’t know it yet.

The leads are the real deal, but you have to know how to reach them.

The people using Facebook are real, living, breathing consumers. They buy – and they buy regularly. But there are billions upon billions of them, and they aren’t all exactly right for your business. So, if you can’t target them properly, or don’t have a strong enough value proposition for your product or service, they’re essentially worthless to you. Do you know how to reach them effectively, filter by filter? How many might you be letting slip through the cracks? We’ll know within a 30 minute diagnosis, and better yet, we’ll help you fix it.

Eating algorithms for breakfast is key to keeping up.

There’s no two ways about it, Business Beekeeper – if you want to keep your Facebook Ad lead magnet as sticky as a spoon in honey, you need to be Keeping Up With The Algorithms. You need to know how the news feed changes, what really constitutes a “meaningful interaction”, how ranking signals play their part and the format of content on whether your campaigns sink or swim in the long-run. If the idea of reading up on the code after a long day running your small business sounds like a waste of your time, we can help. Algorithms are our bread and butter.

Each ad must be totally personalised to your brand.

Facebook Ads should not be a stock-standard approach. You can’t whip a couple of images and a little slice of copy into an ad set, push ‘publish’ and expect leads to come in droves. Your content should be on-brand, highly personalised and representative of you and the way that you talk to your customers. Our team aren’t just about the numbers – we’re highly creative and we love coming up with concepts for your ads that are truly you, then executing them. We have our own sales copywriters that convert. We have our own graphic designers. We have our own video producers. So you can keep your staff budget for employees.

A total digital strategy.

At Digital Marketer Bee, we’re Facebook Ad experts.

We don’t sleep until we’ve helped you attract leads, increase brand awareness and generate profit, and that’s just us warming up. We want to help you optimise every cent you spend, on people who are genuinely going to book, buy and buzz with you – so that you not only break even, but actually generate a return on the investment of working with us. We want you to make profit. Real, cold, hard cash in your pocket from leads that actually spend money, again and again.

What you’ll get with our Facebook Ads service offering:

* Aside from a scalable, reliable lead generation system that you can turn on and off as you please?

To protect your ad spend, we run a comprehensive test campaign. This consists of 3 rounds, in which we test which audience will best respond to your offer, which lead magnet concept they’ll best respond to and also the ad creative that best resonates. Sure, it’s a bucketload of upfront work for us - but the way we see it: a winning formula will mean your campaigns are going to perform, right off the bat.
Ding! With a winning audience, lead magnet and ad, we activate your funnel, which is replicated with another campaign on the second and third month. Each campaign will be connected to a landing page on your website optimised for conversion. We’ll also set up your Facebook Page with a completely on-brand personalised bot to help funnel your prospects 24/7. Yep, even while you’re sleeping.
We’ll keep an eagle eye on every live campaign - turning off any weak ads that aren’t performing, and doubling down or replicating those that are. Our goal is to protect your ad spend - this ain’t no set-and-forget system. With the added benefit of retargeting stacks to bring back fallen leads, and a follow-up email or SMS sequence to get actual bums on seats after the initial email opt-in, we’re covering all bases.
Regularly, we’ll pull Facebook reports, straight from the source, that show you how much impact your campaigns have had, and exactly how much traffic, how many leads, and how many conversions you’ve had. Not to press our own buzzer, but this is the part where our 3-month customers become lifelong ones. But, of course, you’ll have total remit to take those findings and continue on flying solo if you wish.

It all starts here, with your FREE 30-minute strategy call:

What can you expect? We’ll ask about sales process, and where you are in your business vs where you want to be. Once we have the nitty-gritty, we’ll come up with a free strategy plan – yours to keep, no wings attached. In it, you’ll find your competitors analysis, website and social media assessment, tailored funnel map, lead magnet options and landing page ideas.


Couple that strategy call with our free 20-Item Foolproof Checklist To Instantly Improve Your Facebook Marketing and you’ll have leads coming out the hoo-ha. We’ve compiled a checklist of every single thing a small business owner should know to catapult their digital marketing efforts, and now it’s yours. For free. No strings attached.