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Facebook Ads

We are more than just a Facebook Ad Agency, we are your Growth Partner. Because you don’t need social media marketing – you need a buzzing profit (and our hive is exceptionally good at both.)

Get a swarm of sales and fast track the growth of your business in the next 90 days!

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Sold Out short courses tickets in just 2 weeks
“Sales have been going very well for our student and adult classes. Many of our classes and courses were already fully booked just two weeks after the Facebook ads campaign started.”
Lauren B.

Murray Art Museum Albury, Digital Marketing Officer


We leverage Facebook and Instagram to increase your net profits as long as you can handle the volume

Take it to the next level and grow your business exponentially.

Bill Tilley MLA

Bill Tilley is a member of the Liberal Party for the Seat of Benambra in the Victorian Legislative Assembly. Bill Tilley’s team wanted to boost their online presence.

Adapta Ramps

Adapta Ramps needed a lead generation campaign to boost their sales. Adapta Ramps is a supplier of prefabricated ramps, handrails, and step access kits.


At Digital Marketer Bee, we have a different approach

We focus on ONE end goal – Increasing YOUR Profits!

Structured and Consolidated Campaigns Lead to Faster Scaling

Facebook’s machine learning is designed to help you (IF you give it the right instructions). Tinkering with Ad Sets and budget on a daily basis will get you absolutely nowhere (except a puddle of tears).

That’s where we come in: our expertise allows us to analyse the winning Ad Sets and combine them with the right Daily Budgets to reduce FB’s Pixel learning time, overall budget, and human error.

And that is the recipe for stability and scaling.

Smart Positioning to Bring in New Customers – On Repeat

Audience adjustments and bid strategies work just fine. But that pipeline will soon run dry. That is UNLESS you tap into new audiences by positioning your product to new markets as their go-to option.

Being happy about small wins feels good for about five minutes. Coming up with new angles and bringing in new customers is what actually saves you time and accelerates your growth.

Product-Specific Targets & Lifetime Value Increase Profits

If you feel your single account’s ROAS targets are keeping money from you, you’re probably right. Net profit is gained after success metrics like SKU are set and the LTV is measured with campaign cohorts (60-120 day payback windows).

The money’s there. We know how to grab it and hand it to you.

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Components of success


We work collaboratively with our clients to develop a comprehensive strategy that drives you straight toward your business goals. First, we’ll look at your business’ USP, mission, vision, market position, and business model. Next, we’ll dissect the demographics and psychographics of your ideal clients so we can laser-target them in your ads. Then we’ll create your perfectly-tailored funnel strategy based on all of this essential information.

Research and Testing

Next up, we’ll research your market and competitors to help you stand out from the swarm. We’ll also run multiple tests for every element in your ads and funnel including ad format, targeting, copy, and creatives to help you reach the highest conversion rates possible. And we make sure we make adjustments based on Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm so your ads stay on target.


Our Hive rockstar team will create persuasive copy, engaging videos, and eye-grabbing photography to draw customers in like honey and send them in a swarm to buy your product or service. We know exactly how to connect with your audience to compel them to take action.

Implement, Analyse, and Optimise

Once we launch your funnel, we’ll continue to measure everything so we can increase conversion every step of the way. We’ll track every pixel so we know what is working and what needs a bit of tweaking. We’ll make continual adjustments to increase sales and decrease ad costs so your campaign buzzes ever happily along.

✍🏻 success stories: dMB case studies

Tactics work initially but
strategy delivers long-term results

We create laser-targeted and individualised social media advertising campaigns that are designed to catch the attention and interest of your core audience. We make sure that your ads truly reflect your brand image and are primed for maximum conversions.

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KDEC wanted to utilise online channels to improve brand awareness. The company also specialises in the installation of solar power systems for homes and business establishments.

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The Murray Art Museum Albury is a family-friendly museum that’s dedicated to making art more accessible to the public. They wanted to encourage more visits to their museum and promote the art classes, camps, courses, and workshops that they offer.


At Digital Marketer Bee, we’re facebook ad experts

We don’t sleep until we’ve helped you attract leads, increase brand awareness and generate profit, and that’s just us warming up. We want to help you optimise every cent you spend, on people who are genuinely going to book, buy, and buzz with you. We want you to make profit. Real, cold, hard cash in your pocket from leads that actually spend money again and again.

Don’t just take our word for it.

DMB has received an amazing 4.9 star rating from our valued clients on Google.

“I have found Digital Marketer Bee and her team to be very professional and very helpful in achieving inquires to our Website, which turns into new customers for us.”

Andrew Broughton

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

“We engaged Digital Marketer Bee to undertake a complete review and revamp of a business website as part of a wider digital marketing strategy. It turned out that it just happened to coincide with a pandemic and all the dramas that created with general life. The end result was better than we had hoped, on budget and on time.”

Brad Worrall

Professionalism, Value

“Excellent company to work with. Bee and the team have been amazing to work with. They been great to bounce ideas, very focused on conversions that mean real sales. Highly recommend this agency to work with.”

Mary June Quiambao

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“Brilliant team & brilliant service!! So helpful, prompt & professional, definitely recommend DMB to achieve your marketing goals!”


“WOW! What an incredible team! We’ve trialled other agencies in the past and none of them come close or are up to date with modern marketing campaigns on social media > Bee’s ability to collect data and revert back to sales has been the missing leg of our online presence… Thanks SO much Bee and team <3”

Hello | Earth to Life

“Plenty of people claim to be experts at digital marketing and my experience is there is a lot more talk than expertise. We engaged Digital Marketer Bee for a campaign and were extremely impressed at the level of knowledge they had, the agility with which they moved throughout the campaign and the results they generated. I can highly recommend DMB. I have referred them and will continue to use them.”

Jamie Cunningham

Professionalism, Responsiveness

“Bee and her team have been fantastic to work with. While we are been busy getting on with the day to day running of our business, they have been in the background improving our SEO and increasing our sales leads.”

Lauren Black

Frequently Asked Questions

Our services apply to both business to business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) audiences. They work for leads, new customers, or direct sales.

However, you need a solid/proven offer, product, or service in your market with existing revenue.

Definitely not. It does help if we can look at previous advertising results and the data they gathered, but it’s not a prerequisite. Your product/offer is more important. And if you have a valuable one, we’re good to go.

This will depend on a number of factors. Until we analyse your business, strategise, and breakdown your ad spend budget, we won’t be able to provide you an accurate response.

What we do know is that we won’t make any promises we cannot keep.

Depending on the industry, prices will differ significantly. As a ball park figure, you could expect to pay around $10-15/per 1000 viewings of your ad.

A legitimate business with an existing, engaged audience is already well down the track to achieve success. Add to this one amazing, value-packed offer, service, or product, and you have a winning recipe. That’s it!

We are a full-service Digital Agency. We can handle everything from ad strategy & development, to funnel and web building, along with creative media, copy, and email marketing. Just reach out and we’ll work with you to identify which of our services fit you best.

Book your free call with our team and we can discuss your business goals, challenges and opportunities.

We’ll give you feedback on the spot and outline some recommended actions you can take to elevate your marketing efforts to realise your goals.

We will undertake a deep dive into your marketing efforts, undertake competitor analysis, and identify a strategic plan forward to grow your business through implementation of marketing activities. If you engage us to manage your digital marketing, know that your success is our success. You will not only have a digital marketing team at your disposal, but a digital growth partner. We keep you informed at every step of the way to ensure a transparent process with regular reporting and on call project managers.

The business world is buzzing with professionals. And we’re convinced there are other companies out there providing their clients with the same amazing results we provide.

But we also know there are tons of inexperienced marketers, with no results and no guarantees, eager to take you on as a client and fail you and your business.

So what puts us ahead of our competition and makes us qualified to take care of your business’ advertising?

That’s easy: We’ve at least doubled our clients investments every single time, and that’s in the past 12 months alone (not a walk in the park considering everything that’s going on, right?)

Our advantage? A marketing team filled with creatives, ad strategists, business strategists, conversion specialists, and experienced direct response copywriters. A team of data-driven geeks always on the lookout for the latest buzz in online marketing.

And their efforts reflect in your results and your company’s growth.

Interested in profitable growth? Learn how we can help you!

You can also schedule a meeting with us right away!

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