Get the attention your
company deserves and be
on top of the competition
the Google search engine.

By having an effective Google ad campaign, your target market
can immediately recognise what your business has to offer.

Need help getting started?
Want to know how to get
results but not sure how?

Paid search is a powerful sales tool for your business but can be complicated, time consuming and expensive if it’s not your area of expertise. Our PPC Specialists are experts in Google ads and will ensure you get the best return on ad spend and be at the top of search results.

Instant Visibility

By assisting you in your ad campaign, we can secure the top spot of the search results. Making you the first thing your desired clients see. In this way, your company can create a connection with your target market for a lasting customer relationship.

Instant Results

We’re not just all talk. With the guidance of our specialists, you can expect results as soon as the campaign is in motion. Doubling the reach of your website and increasing the number of your customers.

Targeted Audience

It is essential to connect your business to the people who require your services or products. We can find those customers for you. Expand the reach of your company and get more people to see what you have to offer.

Guaranteed Results

See the performance of your website flourish with our expertise. We’ll make sure to supercharge the performance of your website and increase your sales.

What You Get With Our Paid Ad Service?

  • Define your target demographics
  • Get in front of relevant, ready-to-buy customers
  • Optimise your ad for location
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Regular updates, reports and results
  • Work within a budget that suits you
  • Expert advice that will maximise every dollar spent

Google Ads is
THE place to be seen

Google Ads

A good campaign is the best way to increase sales and customer engagement. Google ads make information accessible to your target market by making it the first thing they click on when finding a product.

Google Display Network

Advertise your business more passively by being featured in other popular websites. Google Display Network can get the attention of users with the use of an image ad, driving more traffic to your website.

Google Shopping

Showcase your products in Google Shopping, making them more accessible and memorable. Helping users find what you are selling and matching it to what they’re looking for.

Google Remarketing

Match the right ads to the right target market. Keep your users engaged with google remarketing by providing relevant ads that are in line with the user’s interests. In this way, potential customers are more amenable to make the purchase on your website.

Some of the honeys we’ve helped

Bee has been designing and building a webpage for me. This process was something I had been putting off doing because I am unskilled and very hesitant in this area. During this process Bee was great to work with, her product knowledge was far ranging and she was able to communicate to me in ways that I could understand how to get the best benefit from the new tools she provided. I am very pleased with the work she has done for me, the result being an immediate increase in enquiries and bookings for my small business.
Bee is a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and understanding of the platform is so deep it blew us away! We also loved her approach to keeping us informed of our project and the advice she offered along the way. If you’re looking to leverage your Facebook Ads strategy look no further than @digitalmarketerbee and her team.
Bee and the team know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to content marketing and FB automation. She’s helped my copywriting business look after leads with speed and an automated voice that’s still authentic to my brand. Thanks Bee!

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