Kirinari’s objective was to get more leads by expanding their digital presence and increasing brand awareness.



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The brand

Kirinari is a care and NDIS service provider that delivers high-quality support to the elderly and people with disability in NSW. In addition to offering community transport and accommodation services to their customers, they also provide carers with employment opportunities.

The challenge

Since there are other care providers that offer similar services as Kirinari, our goal was to make the company stand out from its competitors. This involved improving the brand’s online and social media presence through laser-targeted advertising campaigns that can effectively reach Kirinari’s target audience.

Facebook Advertising

One of the actions that Digital Marketer Bee carried out for Kirinari was launching location-focused ad campaigns on Facebook. For these campaigns, we narrowed down the demographics by targeting the brand’s core audience, such as the elderly who are looking for support for themselves and family members who are seeking home care services for their elderly friends or loved ones.

In one of our Facebook ad campaigns, Kirinari was able to reach 141,779 users and 386,380 impressions. These resulted in 2,911 link clicks and 1,809 landing page views.

Google Advertising

Supplementing our social media marketing efforts was a Google ads campaign. Similar to our actions on Facebook, we utilised optimised campaigns using targeted keywords that appealed to the search intent of Kirinari’s target audience. To further increase the visibility of the ads, we made use of different types of campaigns such as Search, Video, Display, and Performance Max ads. In addition, we tailored the ad campaigns to target users in certain locations such as Albury, Katoomba, South Coast, and Tamworth.

In total, we were able to reach 1,149,783 impressions and 5,298 ad clicks in one of our campaigns.

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