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Kirinari: offering high-quality support to NDIS participants. Targeted social and Google ads and optimised website for enhanced online presence and increased audience reach.

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Driving Success with Social and Google Ads for Kirinari


  1. Expand reach for support services
  2. Enhance brand awareness 
  3. Optimise campaigns to increase ROI

Location: Australia

The Brand

Kirinari is a care and NDIS service provider that delivers high-quality support to the elderly and people with disability in NSW. In addition to offering community transport and accommodation services to their customers, they also provide carers with employment opportunities.

The Partnership

When we dug into the audit, we spotted a few challenges the brand is facing. These include:

  • Lack of initial conversion optimisation in social campaigns.
  • Insufficient variety of descriptive copies to complement ad campaigns.
  • Absence of Call and Submit Form functions in ads.
  • An unoptimised website with missing landing pages.

Since there are other care providers that offer similar services as Kirinari, our goal was to make the company stand out from its competitors. This involved improving the brand’s online and social media presence through laser-targeted social and Google advertising campaigns that can effectively reach Kirinari’s target audience and optimising the brand’s website to reach its targeted audience. 

Taking Action

Google Advertising

Supplementing our social media marketing efforts was a Google ads campaign. Similar to our actions on Facebook, we utilised optimised campaigns using targeted keywords that appealed to the search intent of Kirinari’s target audience. To further increase the visibility of the ads, we made use of different types of campaigns such as Search, Video, Display, and Performance Max ads. In addition, we tailored the ad campaigns to target users in certain locations.

In less than 30 days, one of our campaigns (Plan Management) resulted in: 

  • 70k impressions 
  • 700 clicks 
  • 4% Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Facebook Advertising

One of the actions that Digital Marketer Bee carried out for Kirinari was launching location-focused ad campaigns on Facebook. For these campaigns, we narrowed down the demographics by targeting the brand’s core audience, such as the elderly who are looking for support for themselves and family members who are seeking home care services for their elderly friends or loved ones.

In the past six months of multiple Facebook ad campaigns, Kirinari was able to reach:

  • 800k impressions
  • 168k users
  • 4.5k link clicks
  • 4.5k landing page views
  • Google Advertising, Newsletter Subscription, Form Submission, Call Clicks, Email Clicks, Location Clicks
  • Call Click identified as the most effective to-date
  • 200+ new leads converted from traffic

Website Landing Page

Having specific landing pages for each campaign is a game-changer for any business. This means creating personalised experiences for customers that directly cater to their needs and interests. 

In addition to optimising Kirinari’s website, Digital Marketer Bee also developed additional landing pages for each of its campaigns. With tailored content and clear call-to-action, visitors were engaged and conversions increased. This also boosted ad relevance and Quality Score, reducing the cost for the client and maximising their ROI. 

With a seamless journey from viewing an ad to the landing page, the brand saw a significant increase in conversions and customer satisfaction. Literally giving Kirinari’s customers exactly what they were looking for!

The Outcome

Ads Results 

As part of our overall strategy for social ads, we started optimising for Traffic (Landing Page Views) that boosted conversion rates, while Multiple Ad Copies per adset brought diverse formats and higher engagement. Integrating Facebook Pixel improved event tracking and custom audience creation, while UTM Parameters enhanced ad performance reporting. 

We also continued manual placements, excluding Audience Network for precise targeting on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram users. These changes resulted in increased traffic and conversions, driving Kirinari to new heights.

For the website, we helped Kirinari optimise their page Titles and Meta Descriptions, enhancing search engine visibility, fixed duplicate content that improved ranking, implemented targeted keywords and related terms, and eliminated keyword stuffing – making the brand content more relevant. Fixing broken links and optimised sitemaps also improved user experience, guiding visitors to the right pages. 

Overall, in a span of 6 months, through targeted social and Google ads and website optimisation, Kirinari experienced remarkable progress, witnessing an astounding 896.03% surge in clicks and an impressive 1000.00% surge in impressions between December 2022 and June 2023. Furthermore, additional customer engagement points were incorporated, including form submissions, email marketing, call buttons, and campaign-specific landing pages. These enhancements aimed to further bolster customer interaction and drive meaningful results.

Total cost per traffic received: AUD4.44 (target location is optimised to a specific location which resulted in higher traffic cost)

kirinari sample landing page

Deep dive into data

It’s BEE-autiful when a brand enjoys improved social and Google Ads campaigns, along with an SEO-optimised website featuring improved UI/UX. It’s like magic!

  • Experienced a surge in website traffic and engagement
  • Reach the right audience resulting in higher conversions and increased revenue with targeted ads and engaging content
  • Reach top search engine rankings and be more visible to potential customers thanks to SEO enhancements
  • Keep visitors happy with relevant content and improved user experience that boosts customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty

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