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Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA)

The Murray Art Museum Albury’s (MAMA) overall goal was to get more people to visit their museum and to increase the number of participants for their various art-focused classes, courses, and workshops. They also wanted to present the museum as a family-friendly destination in Albury for both locals and tourists.

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The brand

The MAMA is dedicated to enriching and inspiring the local community through art by making creative endeavours more accessible. It showcases both traditional and contemporary works of art made by international artists and those from the greater Murray region. It also helps people to discover and enhance their creative talents and skills by offering classes, workshops, camps, and courses that are aimed at teaching a variety of artmaking techniques.

The challenge

In order to encourage more visits to the museum and bookings for the classes, Digital Marketer Bee turned to a multi-prong approach that involved utilising various digital marketing strategies. These included implementing search engine optimisation (SEO) and running advertising campaigns for Google and Facebook.

Search Engine Optimisation

As part of our Albury SEO campaign, our digital growth experts used different methods to increase MAMA’s online visibility. We kicked off our efforts by conducting an SEO audit to identify key areas of MAMA’s website that need to be improved.

After identifying these areas and coming up with the keywords that targeted the search intent and queries of MAMA’s core audience, we implemented on-page and off-page changes that are aimed at improving our client’s search ranking on Google. In addition, we carried out other optimisation techniques, such as producing keyword-focused blog posts that provide helpful information about MAMA.

Through our efforts, we were able to increase organic traffic to MAMA’s website. Returning visitors also increased by 31.2%. We were also able to improve the ranking of MAMA’s keywords on Google’s Search Engine Results pages, with 70 listings in the top 3 positions.

Google and Meta (Facebook) Ads

In addition to organic traffic, we also focused our attention on paid traffic by crafting and running campaigns on Google and Facebook. This step involved carefully creating ad copies that not only reflected MAMA’s brand image but also resonated with the search intent of their target audience.

Doing so allowed us to launch Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns that were able to reach over 30,000 users in two weeks. During the campaign period, many of MAMA’s art classes, workshops, and courses became sold out due to the number of people that signed up.

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