Profile Media


Profile Media is a team of expert journalists and digital marketers whose aim is to deliver publicity and content campaigns sans the PR-firm hype. With the “do whatever it takes” attitude, they help clients reach their target market the authentic way.

The Challenge

The company sought the expertise of DMB to create a sales funnel that would garner names, emails, and numbers for their sales team to reach out to. Our team was tasked to take into account the competition to gather customer data and infuse the gleaned insights into the overall strategy.

Our Solution

The DMB team crafted a high-performing set of creatives to turn heads and make people opt in. We produced persuasive client testimonial videos to garner more interest and generate more leads. With higher tipping points created for this lead generation campaign, the results followed: Profile Media was able to net over 100 more leads with a cost per lead of only $7.