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Ray White Albury Central

Ray White Albury Central approached Digital Marketer Bee with the goal of establishing a more dominating online presence. As an active player in the real estate industry, they are hoping to use their online visibility to sell more houses, offer more rental homes, and provide property management services to new customers.

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The brand

Ray White Albury Central is a property management and real estate firm that mainly operates in New South Wales. It is the official Albury arm of the Ray White Group. In addition to promoting houses and other properties that are for sale in Albury and nearby regions, Ray White Albury Central also provides property management services for clients with rental homes.

Their duties as a real estate and property management firm go beyond selling houses and coordinating tenancies and rental payments. They are also dedicated to helping their clients make the most of their property investments.

The Challenge

In order to attract more prospective home sellers, buyers, landlords, and tenants, we used a combination of complementary digital marketing strategies to boost Ray White Albury Central’s online presence and place them in front of potential customers who are ready to convert. Our approach involved developing and launching SEO, social media, and Facebook advertising strategies and campaigns that reflect Ray White Albury Central’s business goals and brand image.

Search Engine Optimisation

For our SEO campaign, we focused on optimising Ray White Albury Central’s website. Our efforts involved conducting a site audit to identify areas that need to be fixed and implementing changes to its content to incorporate its targeted keywords.

Through our continuous efforts in optimising the site using branded keywords and terms that capture the search intent of Ray White Albury Central’s target customers, we were able to generate consistent increases in organic traffic and leads from August 2021 to February 2023.

The increase in website visits and leads translated to more customers for Ray White Albury Central. More importantly, after running our SEO campaign for more than a year, we were able to help them achieve and maintain the #1 position on Google’s search engine results page for two of its branded keywords.

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Social Media Management

To further boost Ray White Albury Central’s online brand awareness, our team also managed their Facebook and Instagram accounts. As part of our social media management service, we created monthly calendars that feature daily posts aimed at promoting Ray White Albury Central and their various offerings.

We also launched giveaways to boost follower engagement and reach more social media users. Through our social media efforts, we were able to increase Ray White Albury Central’s Facebook page likes and Instagram followers.

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Meta (Facebook Ads)

To further improve Ray White Albury Central’s social media presence, DMB’s expert digital marketers conceptualised and launched advertising campaigns based on their Facebook and Instagram posts. In one of the campaigns, videos or reels were used as the main content of the ads, which aimed to promote Ray White Albury Central’s culture, offerings, and services while attracting new Facebook page likes and Instagram followers.

Another campaign was also developed to promote the giveaway contests organised by Ray White Albury Central and DMB’s social media team. The campaign ran for about a week and was able to reach 15,647 users and gain 167 post engagements.

According to the insights presented by the Meta Business Suite, Ray White Albury Central experienced a 614.3% increase in new Facebook page likes and a 250% increase in Instagram followers due to the ad campaigns.

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