Ross Performance Parts


Established in 1981, Ross Performance Parts is a company that manufactures high-quality engine components for automotive enthusiasts. Their range of products delivers assurance that your investment will stand the test of time.

The Challenge

Having mainly operated in Australia and New Zealand, Ross Performance Parts partnered with DMB with the hopes of expanding their reach and going global. They already had an impressive social media following thanks in part to their influencer marketing efforts, but they wanted to go one step further and take their paid digital advertising strategy to the next level.

Our Solution

The Digital Marketer Bee team put together an intricate strategy that will make the brand a global force. From expanding interest-based audiences to creating dynamic product ads to refining targeting and keyword tactics, we worked with the end goal of making Ross Performance Parts an international brand.

Search Engine Optimisation

Upon careful assessment of their existing site framework, we created an SEO strategy that allowed for a spike in search engine rankings. We reviewed each individual product page, added strong call-to-actions (CTAs), added keyword targets in headings, and included meta tags to increase visibility, estimated traffic, and average position for all the tracked keywords.

Facebook Advertising

Split testing was the ultimate weapon of our Facebook advertising strategy. We ran split tests on various messaging and product variants, and used the better performing options to target interest-based audiences. We ran dynamic product ads (DPAs) to serve relevant ads to users who have previously expressed interest in the brand’s products, and launched several retargeting strategies to recapture recent site visitors, past purchasers, and Instagram users who engaged with the brand.

The Results

The two-pronged approach worked like a charm for the brand. We had an increase of 69.66% in users and 73.92% increase in new users. In terms of page views, we were able to drive a 41.89% increase in organic visit and 14.34% increase in direct visitors.