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With a bustling online marketing and social media space, you’ll need bees that sting straight on with content and strategy plan that builds awareness, drives traffic, and boosts sales.

Our team works on everything from concept to creation to conversation. With a well-thought out and maximised combination of copy, design, and digital marketing tools, we study where you’re coming from in order to get you where you want to be: targets not only acquired, but reached.

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We help get you digital-ready, and this means transforming your business on social media so you can reap the benefits of improved customer connection and revenue growth.

Social Media Strategy

Our personalised approach to crafting your objectives and digital strategies means we’re not a one-size-fits-all kind of hive. Apart from creating research-backed content that converts, we equip you with measured metrics and reporting to ensure we reach your KPI’s and adapt to your growing audience.

Content Creation

Our team of creatives collaborate to bring your ideas alive in the digital space through videos, photos, graphics, and more. Your social media pages will be buzzing with optimised content that’ll get you seen and heard on every platform you’re on.

Channel Management

Scheduling, tracking, posting, and management – consider it done. You can leave the online grind to us, so you can continue goal-getting offline.


Hands-on Account

You will be matched with a dedicated Account Manager to serve as your digital right-hand. We know how important it is to have an accessible point person you can rely on for correspondence, edits, and proactive idea generation. We streamline communication between our team and yours to ensure no detail gets left behind. Trust that your social media channels will run like a well-oiled machine with regularly scheduled interlocks and project alignments.

Brand Strategy Workshop

Branding is vital to define, and even more essential to maintain. We ensure that your brand identity is seamlessly carved into every little honeycomb of content we put out there by thinking up the most creative ways to get your message across without looking like we even tried. It should effortlessly tell your story, improve customer retention, and make you stand out from your competition.

Social Media Analysis

Know your numbers. We’ll help define your social media landscape in order for you to own it. Analysing competition, trends, and performance helps us develop comprehensive reporting that your business will greatly benefit from. It’s pretty much the litmus test of effective content. Through this, we are able to identify and engage with your ideal audience – what we can do for them and what they can do for us.

Creative Content

We work collaboratively with our clients to develop a comprehensive strategy that drives you straight toward your business goals. First, we’ll look at your business’ USP, mission, vision, market position, and business model. Next, we’ll dissect the demographics and psychographics of your ideal clients so we can laser-target them in your ads. Then, we’ll create your perfectly-tailored funnel strategy based on the information we have gathered.

Posting Calendar

All our clients are provided with a transparent and collaborative space to monitor and pre-approve any and all content materials through a Posting Calendar. This will allow a cohesive look into how our designs, captions, and scheduling play out throughout the month. We won’t simply “take it from here”, we’d rather go there with you.

Analytics and Reporting

You know what they say — you can’t improve what you don’t measure. We’re offering all our clients an easy-to-understand report that will show you what we have accomplished so far. From the number of followers that swarmed to the level of engagement you’ve acquired, you’ll get a bee’s eye view of your performance across all channels.

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How social media can
boost your business?

Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness and recognition is a key step in the growth of your business. This factor can be achieved by leveraging various digital means such as social media channels to get your brand in front of the types of people who are interested in your offerings. Through carefully-crafted social media targeting campaigns, you can grow a core audience that will support your brand.

Lead Generation

Social media has become a powerful tool for digital marketers as it allows them to reach out to millions of people. Through different tactics, which include running ad campaigns and regularly posting engaging content, business owners can take advantage of their social media following to generate and capture leads and build profitable interest in their products and services.

Increase Sales

Introducing your brand to more people and cultivating interest in your products are some of the fundamental factors that can help your business grow by generating more revenue. Following a sales funnel model enables you to guide your leads as they go through and complete the purchasing process, which can then translate to an increase in revenue for your business.

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media management

Agencies always claim to be proactive, but the truth is, it’s been said more than done. You’re not just clients to us, we consider you part of the hive. This means we look out for each other and keep the communication lines open in order to bring the freshest harvest to the table day in and day out. Getting to know your brand’s story and purposefully planning campaigns and content around it is what ensures the reach of each published post. Brand exposure is maximised with striking design, top-notch copy, and clear cut messaging.

But we don’t stop there. We create results and use them to your advantage with insights, measuring, and reporting in order for us to see what needs reviewing and what’s worth repeating. We do social media and digital marketing differently here, never settling for anything less than buzzing because we want you to get your own taste of sweet success.

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