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SuprCuvr wanted a thriving online presence to market its product.

The brand

SuprCuvr is a publicly listed company in Australia that developed the world’s first hospital-grade disinfectant that can kill 99.99999% of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Aside from being 1,000x more effective against COVID-19 than a 99.99% effective disinfectant, the company’s disinfectant spray is also 100% plant-based and suitable for sensitive skin.

The challenge

Due to the global effects of the pandemic, SuprCuvr wanted the world to know that its hypoallergenic disinfectant spray can effectively kill coronaviruses. They enlisted the help of Digital Marketer Bee to create a fully optimised website and social media presence so they can market their product and boost their sales while providing families with an organic and sustainable way of protecting their homes.

UX/UI Design and Build

We delivered a functional and user-friendly website for SuprCuvr. We made sure that their new site presents all the relevant information about their disinfectant spray. Aside from being informative and easy to navigate, the site also provides a secure and smooth shopping experience to visitors and customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our experts then improved the visibility of SuprCuvr’s website by optimising it for search engines. One of the techniques we used was carrying out targeted keyword research to identify the terms commonly used by online users when they search for products and topics that are related to the company. We also analysed SuprCuvr’s competitors so we could develop strategies designed to help them rank higher in search results.

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