The brand

William John Tilley, more popularly known as Bill, is a member of the Liberal Party for the Benambra seat in the Victorian Legislative Assembly. As a Member of Parliament, he has constantly stressed the importance of supporting local businesses and advocating programs designed to promote economic growth and stability.

The challenge

For a public figure like Bill, we believe that having an updated website is an important factor that can help him reach more people in his area. Our goal was to boost his online presence and visibility by providing him with an upgraded website that’s optimised for search engines.

UX/UI Design and Build

For the development of his new website, we studied the background of his supporters and frequent site visitors. By doing so, we were able to come up with a professional-looking layout that resonated with those who would most likely interact with the website. We made sure that the new website is easy to navigate and showcases the relevant content that informs the public about Bill’s platforms and advocacies.

Also, instead of adding blatantly political content, we focused on important issues and events to make the site more interesting and engaging.

Search Engine Optimisation

After working on Bill’s site, we optimised its pages by incorporating high-ranking targeted keywords that are relevant to his platforms and efforts in Benambra. Using these targeted keywords and other SEO-focused strategies allowed Google to easily recognise and identify the site’s web pages, which allowed them to rank higher in the search results.

219.64% increase in website traffic

The brand

One of Australia’s most innovative companies, Adapta Ramps is a supplier of prefabricated ramps, handrails, and step access kits. Through the company’s easy-to-use platform, all you need to do is choose the system you need, and they’ll dispatch your complete pack in as little as 5 working days.

The challenge

While the company boasts a beautiful website and offers a brilliant solution to businesses needing customised ramps, they found it difficult to garner leads from the site alone. The company sought the help of Digital Marketer Bee to put together a lead generation campaign that their team could use to supercharge their to put together a lead generation campaign that their sales team could use to supercharge their sales.

Web Design and Development

Another important task we handled for Adapta is the development of its website. By following effective design and development techniques, we were able to deliver a functional online platform for our client that’s easy to navigate. Aside from being user-friendly, we also made sure that Adapta’s new website is optimised for search engines.

Adapta Ramps
Adapta Ramps

Social Media Management

As part of our efforts to improve Adapta Ramps’ online visibility, we helped the company establish a high-converting social media presence. We were able to do so by visualising the brand’s value proposition and customer personas into palatable visual content that not only creates consistency but also turns heads. Our actions resulted in a 200% increase in followers.

Facebook Advertising

Complementing our social media efforts are three Facebook advertising campaigns that used different formats. Each campaign was carefully created to market Adapta Ramps to its target demographic and increase site engagement.

Search Engine Optimisation

Through the actions of our SEO experts, we were able to help Adapta Ramps rank high on Google’s search results pages. We used a combination of optimisation techniques designed to improve the visibility of our client’s website and make it more accessible to visitors and potential customers.

1,080.74% increase in website traffic

157.58% increase in leads

Google Advertising

We also handled a Google Ads campaign for the company. Through our efforts, Adapta Ramps was able to enjoy steady increases throughout the duration of the campaign and a drastic drop in cost-per-click and cost-per-acquisition with DMB Google Ads services. They also generated quality traffic to their site, leading to more quality leads.