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the brand

WISELIVING is an Australian-owned and operated manufacturer of sustainable heating, cooking, and hot water appliances and systems. The company takes pride in being able to deliver sustainable and customisable home heating solutions.


WISELIVING wanted more people to interact with their website.

the challenge

WISELIVING enlisted the help of Digital Marketer Bee because they wanted to get more clicks on their new website. More importantly, they want visitors to interact with the site by inquiring about the specifications and features of their products.

Search Engine

We used our Albury SEO prowess to deliver a full optimisation of their site’s backend. We also expanded their content efforts to include search-driven content that aimed to supercharge thought leadership and improve visibility in search engine queries. Our main goal was to grow WISELIVING’s audience.

122.31% increase in website traffic

content and strategy

For content development, we produced keyword-rich blog posts that contained valuable information about the company’s products. In many of these posts, we tackled topics that reflect the goals and beliefs of WISELIVING, such as sustainability and off-grid living.

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