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June 01, 2022

Build a Long-Term SEO Strategy in 5 Simple Steps

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has always been the driving force behind the digital success of online businesses and marketers. It can actually be considered as the backbone of all things related to the increase of a website’s visibility and organic traffic.

After all, the main goal of SEO is to improve the search engine ranking of a site, page, or other online content. In other words, effective SEO strategies can help users easily find the online content that they’re searching for.

If done properly, an SEO plan can help your website maintain its top ranking for a long time. This means you’ll be able to enjoy improved visibility even without resorting to paid marketing efforts, such as running an online advertising campaign.

If you want to enjoy prolonged online visibility for your brand or e-commerce business, then follow these simple steps below to create a long-term SEO strategy.

Perform A Competitive Analysis

The first thing that you need to do is study the SEO activities of your competitors to see what they’re up to. Specifically, try to analyse their optimisation strategies, such as how and where they’re getting backlinks to their site.

You also need to pay attention to the content that they produce. By knowing the type of topics they cover, the depth of their research, and the vocabulary they use, you’ll be able to get an idea of how they relate to their target audience.

More importantly, this step will also help you determine the type of SEO techniques you should be doing for your business.

However, don’t just copy exactly what your competitors are doing. Instead, step it up a notch and incorporate better techniques in your strategy.

Work Your Way Up

As you know, keywords play a crucial role in the success of an SEO campaign. Although some would recommend going after highly competitive key phrases, it’s better to start small and go for less competitive ones, especially if you’re just starting out in your industry.

Although this tactic may seem counterintuitive, going after less competitive search phrases or long-tail keywords can help you immediately increase organic traffic to your site. You can then start increasing the number of visitors to your site by working your way up and targeting more competitive phrases.

High Converting Website Designs

There are secrets to getting better conversions for your websites like utilizing straightforward designs or employing CRO strategies.

Use Structured Data

When preparing the contents of your site, such as videos, product listings, and customer reviews, make sure to use JavaScript Object Notation to describe them thoroughly.

This action allows you to create structured data for your web content. Structured data refers to the snippets that appear on a Google search results page after a user enters a search query.

For instance, if you type in the phrase “cookie recipes,” Google will display an expandable menu of recipes right above the actual search results.

For businesses and marketers, making use of structured data can help boost the visibility of their pages as it allows them to appear right on the first page of Google.

Get Creative With Link-Building

You don’t have to limit your link-building efforts to your text-based content.

You can get creative by asking your developers to create badges or widgets that customers, affiliates, and other business partners can use on their websites to link back to your site.

One company that was able to successfully use this strategy is TripAdvisor, which offers badges to users who interact with their website, such as by submitting a review.

Start Blogging

Posting blog content is a great way to get links back to your website. However, in order for this strategy to work properly, you should aim to produce high-quality content that provides useful information to your readers.

Also, aim to write lengthy blog articles that are in-depth and well-researched. This allows you to turn your website and brand into a reliable source of information within your industry.

As much as possible, write your articles from scratch. Avoid using spinning software that rewrites existing articles since doing so can have negative consequences on your site’s SEO performance in the future.

Digital Marketer Bee can help increase your website’s visibility and conversion rate with effective SEO strategies. Our SEO experts only use white-hat SEO tactics to ensure that your site stays in the top search pages of Google for a long time.


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