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Get the attention your company
deserves and be on top of the competition in the Google search engine

By having an effective Google ad campaign, your target market can immediately recognise what your business has to offer.


Want to know how to get results but not sure how?

Paid search is a powerful sales tool for your business but can be complicated, time consuming, and expensive if it’s not your area of expertise. Our PPC Specialists are experts in Google ads and will ensure you get the best return on ad spend and be at the top of search results.

Instant Visibility

By assisting you in your ad campaign, we can secure the top spot of the search results, making you the first thing your desired clients see. In this way, your company can create a connection with your target market for a lasting customer relationship.

Instant Results

We’re not just all talk. With the guidance of our specialists, you can expect results as soon as the campaign is in motion. We will double the reach of your website and increase the number of your customers.

Targeted Audience

It is essential to connect your business to the people who require your services or products. We can find those customers for you. Expand the reach of your company and get more people to see what you have to offer.

Guaranteed Results

See the performance of your website flourish with our expertise. We’ll make sure to supercharge the performance of your website and increase your sales.

What you get with our paid ad service?

  • Define your target demographics
  • Get in front of relevant, ready-to-buy customers
  • Optimise your ad for location
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Regular updates, reports, and results
  • Work within a budget that suits you
  • Expert advice that will maximise every dollar spent
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Google Ads are the places to be seen

Search Ads

A good campaign is the best way to increase sales and customer engagement. Google ads make information accessible to your target market by making them the first thing they click on when finding a product.

Display Network

Advertise your business more passively by being featured in other popular websites. Google Display Network can get the attention of users with the use of an image ad, driving more traffic to your website.

Google Shopping

Showcase your products in Google Shopping, making them more accessible and memorable. Helping users find what you are selling and matching it to what they’re looking for.

Google Remarketing

Match the right ads to the right target market. Keep your users engaged with google remarketing by providing relevant ads that are in line with the user’s interests. In this way, potential customers are more amenable to make the purchase on your website.

✍🏻 success stories: dMB case studies

Tactics work initially but
strategy delivers long-term results

When it comes to creating Google ad campaigns for clients, we don’t follow a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we craft individualised campaigns with copies that are keyword-centric and resonate with the target audience’s search intent. This allows us to produce ads that drive site visits and sales.

Hurlcon Hydronic Heating

Hurlcon wanted to reach a wider audience. It offers a variety of products and components for hydronic systems such as boilers, convectors, towel rails, thermostats, valves, and pipes and fittings.


Kirinari’s objective was to get more leads by expanding their digital presence and increasing brand awareness.


Grow 10x faster, smarter

100% transparency and no excuses. Just bulletproof strategies that dramatically increase website traffic and revenue, even during tough economic times. Our Google Ads packages are designed to help Australian businesses grow.

Don’t just take our word for it.

DMB has received an amazing 4.9 star rating from our valued clients on Google.

“I have found Digital Marketer Bee and her team to be very professional and very helpful in achieving inquires to our Website, which turns into new customers for us.”

Andrew Broughton

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

“We engaged Digital Marketer Bee to undertake a complete review and revamp of a business website as part of a wider digital marketing strategy. It turned out that it just happened to coincide with a pandemic and all the dramas that created with general life. The end result was better than we had hoped, on budget and on time.”

Brad Worrall

Professionalism, Value

“Excellent company to work with. Bee and the team have been amazing to work with. They been great to bounce ideas, very focused on conversions that mean real sales. Highly recommend this agency to work with.”

Mary June Quiambao

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“Brilliant team & brilliant service!! So helpful, prompt & professional, definitely recommend DMB to achieve your marketing goals!”


“WOW! What an incredible team! We’ve trialled other agencies in the past and none of them come close or are up to date with modern marketing campaigns on social media > Bee’s ability to collect data and revert back to sales has been the missing leg of our online presence… Thanks SO much Bee and team <3”

Hello | Earth to Life

“Plenty of people claim to be experts at digital marketing and my experience is there is a lot more talk than expertise. We engaged Digital Marketer Bee for a campaign and were extremely impressed at the level of knowledge they had, the agility with which they moved throughout the campaign and the results they generated. I can highly recommend DMB. I have referred them and will continue to use them.”

Jamie Cunningham

Professionalism, Responsiveness

“Bee and her team have been fantastic to work with. While we are been busy getting on with the day to day running of our business, they have been in the background improving our SEO and increasing our sales leads.”

Lauren Black

Frequently Asked Questions

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising model where an advertiser pays a publisher or a site owner each time the link of an advertisement is clicked. Also known as cost-per-click (CPC), PPC is a popular advertising model that’s commonly offered by search engines and social networks such as Google and Facebook.

Generally, this form of advertising is based on keywords. For instance, online ads or sponsored links only appear in the results pages of search engines when a user searches or types in a keyword that’s related to the service or product that’s being advertised. Advertisers greatly benefit from PPC advertising as it allows them to present their ads to targeted users or those who are actively searching for content related to their products and services.

PPC is different from display advertising, which involves the use of banner ads on websites, apps, and social media channels. Usually, display advertising presents brand messages and general advertisements to the visitors of the site.

PPC campaigns provide various benefits and can be very advantageous for advertisers even if they only have a small budget. That’s because in a PPC model, advertisers only pay publishers once their ads get clicked on. Also, PPC ads can be refined to specifically target certain types of people based on their location, gender, age, and interests.

In order to launch a successful PPC campaign, the first step that advertisers should focus on is determining the keywords they want to target. Generally, these are the terms that users type into search engines to find certain types of content. After identifying the target keywords, advertisers should then build an effective landing page that’s linked to the ad that they will display. Effective landing pages are those built around target keywords and provide useful information related to the product or service being advertised. Alternatively, the advertiser can link the ad to a relevant page within their existing website, however, this existing webpages are not always optimal for conversions.

Once the landing page has been created, advertisers should then focus on the ad copy, which generally has two parts: the headline and the call to action. Aside from containing keywords, the headline should also be informative and interesting enough to catch the attention of users. A call to action or CTA then encourages them to respond to the ad, such as by signing up or completing a purchase.

As the ad campaign runs, it’s crucial for advertisers to monitor and track its performance constantly. Knowing how many times the ads are getting clicked and the types of people responding to them allow advertisers to tweak certain aspects of their campaign to make it more effective and engaging.

Paid search is a marketing strategy commonly used by advertisers. It involves paying search engines such as Google to display their ads on search engine results pages (SERPs).

This type of method is very effective for advertisers due to the number of people who use search engines on a daily basis. Google, for instance, receives more than 3.5 billion searches a day. This volume can translate to high-quality traffic and clicks for advertisers. More importantly, combining paid search with the use of targeted keywords can lead to higher sales for products being advertised.

As a major site used by billions of people worldwide, Google has become a go-to platform for online advertising. In a PPC campaign with Google, advertisers pay the search engine to display their ads in the top portion of its organic or traditional search results. Once a user clicks on an ad, Google charges the advertiser according to the current cost-per-click rate, which is then subtracted from the advertisers allocated daily budget.

Search ads are the most common type of PPC advertising used in Google. In this model, the ads appear beside or above organic search results when specific keywords are used. This allows advertisers to directly promote their offerings to users who are already interested in them.

Google Ads is an advertising platform established by Google. It basically allows advertisers to create ads to promote their products and services and display them in SERPs and mobile apps.

Operating under a PPC model, Google Ads works by allowing advertisers to bid on keywords they want to target for their ads. For instance, if an advertiser enters a maximum bid of $4 and Google determines that the CPC rate is $2, then that advertiser wins the ad placement. However, if the search engine determines that it costs more than $4, the advertiser doesn’t get the placement.

For both Google and advertisers, Google Ads is a profitable and useful platform. In fact, according to Clutch, about 75% of surveyed individuals clicked on paid ads displayed on Google to find information related to their search queries. Google Ads has also become a major source of revenue for the search engine. Through the ads, Google makes about $100 million a day, which is over 90% of its total revenue.

Determining the exact price range of running an ad campaign on Google is a bit challenging since this can depend on a variety of factors. Generally, the CPC rate on Google’s search network averages at $1 to $2 per click.

However, this rate can still change depending on certain factors. For instance, the volume and competition for certain keywords advertisers want to use in their campaigns can have a significant effect on the CPC rate.

Although the CPC price can vary, advertisers are still in control when it comes to how much they want to spend on their ads. After all, running an ad campaign on Google or other online platforms requires setting a daily budget.

Running paid ad campaigns through Google’s platform will not directly improve the organic search ranking of websites and landing pages. That’s because SEO is a long-term strategy that involves optimising a website’s pages and making them more visible in SERPs without the use of ads. In other words, if a site is not optimised properly, it won’t be able to retain its top search engine ranking once its ad campaign stops.

However, this doesn’t mean that optimised websites no longer need paid ads to improve their performance. These websites can actually benefit from using Google Ads in a number of ways. One of these is through retargeting. This involves showing ads to the people who have already visited the site or interacted with it. Retargeting a core audience through paid ads can lead to higher conversions since this group consists of people who are already interested in what the website has to offer.

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