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“Digital Marketer Bee helped Meraki Produce by creating a custom-built website that’s an eCommerce platform, where we’ll be able to use that platform for our customers to order everything online.”

Jacquie Koschitzke

Meraki Produce

“Digital Marketer Bee is more than just a digital marketing agency. They deliver the best results and the greatest impact for their clients.”

Emily Seiter

Platform Marketing+COMMS

“We sought the services of Digital Marketer Bee to help us reach more customers via an online store. We found them so great to deal with because they’re so friendly and knowledgeable.”

Sebastian Konjevic

Absolute Raw

“Digital Marketer Bee has helped us get our business to a point where it’s actually viable, as opposed to just skimming across the surface.”

Dan Leary

Adapta Ramps

“Digital Marketer Bee custom-designed our website and built it from the ground up. It’s purpose-built for our needs and not only does it look great, but it’s also practical to use for our clients.”

Andrew Broughton

Border Storage Units

“Bee and her team have provided lots of great digital marketing services for us.”

Mark Mannering

Class Training

“In one of the first meetings we had with Bee, I stopped and said, ‘Bee, I just want to congratulate you on how good you are at your job.’”

Cameron Walker


“Digital Marketer Bee was the turning point for our business. We grew our business with Bee under her tutelage.”

Barbara Hull

Earth to Life

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