Want your Digital Marketing spend to deliver real SWEET results?

I heard through the honeycomb that you’re sick of getting stung by bad ROI. That you want to bring in qualified, ready-to-buy customers every month, without lifting a finger to acquire them. That the idea of doubling your sales has you as excited as a yellow jacket in an ice-cream van.

If you’re all abuzz about taking the guesswork out of Digital Marketing, gaining back your precious time, doubling your profits, and watching customers swarm to your website, then stop winging it like a solo wasp and see why our Albury Wodonga and Australian clients are buzzing with delight about the honey-sweet results we deliver…

Some honey’s we’ve helped…

THE HIVE mixes a potent nectar of strategy, technology, and creativity to cultivate thriving businesses for our Albury Wodonga and Australian clients.

We begin with the ultimate dream goals for your business and reverse-engineer the exact Digital Marketing and communications strategy that will empower you to reach them. Next, we craft a comprehensive user-centric approach to communicating with your customers that works, drawing them like honey to your offer!

Our Albury Wodonga and other Australian clients range from startups to huge companies with diverse markets all over the globe, but they all have one thing in common – the desire for next-level results from every aspect of their Digital Marketing mix – web, mobile, and social.

Our proprietary process delivers proven results for ALL of our clients. We start off by diving deep into understanding your specific company’s offering and market. These insights are used to precisely craft your unique marketing message so that every single word in your digital communications is exactly on point in flying you straight to the realisation of your business goals.

We discover where your business is buzzing and where it’s failing to hum along the way you want. .
We then create a sweet strategy to drive results that will help you achieve the dream goals for your business.
Our hive of busy (and brilliant) bees get to work crafting your ads, your landing pages, and everything else you need to draw a swarm of smiling customers who not only convert but continue to come back for more of the sweet nectar your business gives them for years to come.
We track every pixel so we know exactly what is working and what needs a bit of course correction so you can fly a straighter path toward your goals.

Our clients are practically buzzing…

“Bee has been designing and building a webpage for me. This process was something I had been putting off doing because I am unskilled and very hesitant in this area. During this process Bee was great to work with, her product knowledge was far ranging and she was able to communicate to me in ways that I could understand how to get the best benefit from the new tools she provided. I am very pleased with the work she has done for me, the result being an immediate increase in enquiries and bookings for my small business.”
“Bee is a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and understanding of the platform is so deep it blew us away! We also loved her approach to keeping us informed of our project and the advice she offered along the way. If you’re looking to leverage your Facebook Ads strategy look no further than @digitalmarketerbee and her team.”
“Bee and the team know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to content marketing and FB automation. She’s helped my copywriting business look after leads with speed and an automated voice that’s still authentic to my brand. Thanks Bee!”