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September 09, 2021

Top Website Design Trends for 2022 (Part 1)

Like other technological innovations, web design techniques and elements are constantly changing and improving.

Although there are some aspects that will remain the same, such as the need for faster load times and user-friendly navigation, there are new website features that are beginning to emerge.

These new design elements allow websites to appeal more to their visitors by making them more visually engaging and easy to navigate. In turn, having a beautifully made website with various functional features can lead to conversions, especially for e-commerce sites.

In no particular order, here are the latest web design trends that are expected to become staple website features in the years to come.

VR Experience

The use of virtual reality technology in e-commerce websites is expected to increase within coming years. Various sites can benefit greatly from this tool.

For instance, the online marketplace Airbnb has started featuring virtual tours that allow consumers to see various sections of a house or room before making a reservation.

airbnb 360 view virtual tours
Image source: Airbnb

Likewise, IKEA also launched a virtual showroom that shows certain pieces of furniture in home settings.

Human-Like Chatbots

The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning has led to innovations related to chatbots, which are computer programs designed to communicate with customers.

As more and more companies turn to chatbots, the interface of these programs is expected to improve, which will eventually allow them to provide more sophisticated and human-like responses.

This technological innovation will enable companies to provide better customer service and support.

White Space

White space, which is also known as negative space, refers to the blank or empty area between design elements.

Many e-commerce sites have started taking advantage of white space by avoiding filling it with text, graphical images, and other objects.

Instead, they take on a more minimalist approach. This type of style is more visually relaxing and appealing for site visitors. It also makes the information presented easier to read and understand.

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Thumb-Friendly Mobile Design

Making a website mobile-friendly isn’t only about optimizing pages for handheld devices. Due to the way people physically interact with their phones, it’s ideal if the various important features and sections of a site can be accessed or reached by the thumb.

This means designing a site so that its main points of interaction, such as the homepage tab, navigation bar, and menu, can be easily reached while the person is holding his or her phone with one hand.

Voice-Activated Interface

Over the recent years, Google has taken advantage of voice technology to allow users to carry out online searches using voice commands.

Although this feature isn’t as common in websites as the other trends mentioned in this article, it’s still an emerging innovation that’s expected to continue improving in the future.

This means that commercial sites will eventually feature a voice-activated interface that visitors can use to perform searches and complete purchases.

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Data Visualisation

As visual creatures, humans respond more to visualized information. This is the main reason why more companies will most likely rely on charts, graphs, and infographics to present relevant data on their websites.

Data visualization can help businesses and organizations deliver their message to their target audience in a more effective manner.

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Videos With Substance

Videos have been regarded as one of the most effective online marketing tools due to how they can engage viewers.

However, posting any entertaining video on a website is no longer enough to catch the attention and interest of visitors. Aside from being well-made, the clip should also be informative.

Although being entertaining is still ideal for marketing videos, they should also convey what a company or product is all about.

Full-Height Homepage

Many web designers have started to make the most out of homepages by maximizing the height of the homepage hero image. This essentially turns the homepage into a billboard that focuses on a central message or call-to-action button.

When using this design technique, it’s important to take note of the hero image’s resolution and dimensions to ensure that it will appear properly on different browser settings.

Micro Animations

Websites can take advantage of micro animations as a way to guide visitors as they interact with their websites. For e-commerce sites, this design feature can be utilized to showcase certain products.

For instance, an online clothing store can make use of micro animations to show how a particular shirt or dress fits on a moving human model.


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