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April 28, 2023

UX & UI: How Are They Different From Each Other

In the web design and development world, the terms user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are often used interchangeably. Many people make the mistake of thinking that both have similar definitions. However, these two terms refer to different aspects of a website’s overall functionality and layout.

In order to build a fully operational website that appeals to a target audience, site owners and developers need to understand how to prioritise UX and UI. In this guide, we’ll go through the main objectives of UX and UI and how they’re different from each other.  We’ll also explain how they work together to improve the appearance and functionality of websites.

What is UX?

UX, or user experience design, is a human-focused approach to designing products. It encompasses all aspects of how a consumer or the end-user interacts with a company’s products and services. In other words, products are designed with the end-user in mind.

In terms of web development, UX applies to all features of a website that site users can interact with or experience. It isn’t solely concerned about the appearance of a website.

Instead, it involves creating features that make the entire experience of using a website smooth for the visitor.

For instance, a UX designer is concerned with making sure that a website is easy to navigate, and that the entire checkout process is seamless and easy to use.

What is UI?

On the other hand, user interface design or UI is focused on optimising a website’s points of contact, such as the navigational buttons.

It also covers the other interactive elements of a site, like its colour schemes, icons, spacing, typography, and responsiveness.

The main objective of UI is to provide a visual guide to site visitors as they browse through the site. UI designers also have to make sure that the overall appearance of a website is aesthetically pleasing, coherent, and consistent.

Aside from incorporating design elements that appeal to site visitors, they also make sure that the site’s appearance reflects the image or message that a brand is trying to convey.

High Converting Website Designs

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The Difference Between UX and UI

The main difference between UX and UI is that the former is focused on the overall feel of the experience, while the latter is about a website’s appearance and function.

Dain Miller, a web developer, provided an analogy that clearly explains the difference between these two design concepts.

He compared UX and UI to the experience of riding a horse.

According to Miller, UI is like the stirrups, reins, and saddle that you use to ride and control the animal. On the other hand, UX is the feeling you experience while riding the horse.

Another analogy explains what would happen to a website if its UX or UI is designed poorly.

According to Rahul Varshney of, UI without UX is like an artist randomly applying paint to a canvas. UX without UI is like a frame without artwork.

How Do UX & UI Designers Work?

UX designers are primarily concerned with the steps that users or site visitors take to complete their journey. They focus on addressing issues and obstacles that can prevent users from doing what they need to do.

In most cases, their work involves conducting extensive research to gain a deeper understanding of their target audience’s needs and preferences.

UI designers, on the other hand, bring life to the user’s journey through the use of various visual elements. These include the different touchpoints that users can interact with. In other words, while UX designers map out the users’ journey, UI designers handle the various details to make the journey possible.

How Do UX and UI Work Together?

UX and UI are like two sides of the same coin. Although they have different functions, they work together to deliver a visually appealing and functional website.

In e-commerce, these two characteristics are important in converting site visitors to paying customers. As indicated earlier, these two design approaches complement each other to create a website that visitors can easily use and navigate through.

If you’re looking to build a site that features a perfect blend of UX and UI, then make sure to get in touch with Digital Marketer Bee. Our skilled web designers and developers can deliver a website that not only looks good and functions properly, but also reflects your brand’s image and goals and is optimised for conversions.


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