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May 18, 2022

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Leads With Your Landing Page

A landing page plays an important role in the success of a business’ marketing strategy. After all, this is the page where users and potential customers land on after engaging or clicking on an ad, link, or other digital marketing content.

Due to its nature, it’s important to ensure that your landing page is designed properly and is fully operational. However, if you’re not seeing the results you’re hoping for in the form of leads and conversions, there might be something wrong with your landing page.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the most common reasons why your landing page is not converting leads. Hopefully, through this guide, you’ll be able to carry out the necessary changes to improve the performance of your landing page.

People Can’t See It

One of the main reasons why landing pages fail is because people don’t know about them, which means they can’t see them. A possible way to prevent this is by carefully planning where your landing page will be on your site. Ideally, it should be easily accessible to users.

You can also improve the visibility of your landing page through link-building efforts. By link-building with sites that are non-competitors but operate within the same industry as your business, you’ll be able to promote your landing page to people who are also interested in topics related to what you’re offering.

It’s Not Personalised

When it comes to building a landing page, one of the worst mistakes that you can commit is developing it with a generic design and theme. Although using standard templates can help you save time, you might end up creating a landing page that’s not personalised or doesn’t appeal to your target audience.

In addition to the overall appearance of the page, make sure to fill it with non-generic content that provides pertinent information about your products or services. When drafting the content, make sure that it addresses the needs of your customers and provides them with information on how you can help them.

High Converting Website Designs

There are secrets to getting better conversions for your websites like utilizing straightforward designs or employing CRO strategies.

Contains Too Many Links

Many business owners and marketers make the mistake of filling their landing pages with various navigation features, such as links to their services and other pages of their website.

However, keep in mind that the main function of most landing pages is to encourage visitors to fill out a form and turn them into leads.

Unfortunately, presenting other links can distract users from performing the desired action, which could prevent you from collecting leads and converting them into paying customers.

To prevent this from happening, make sure to remove unnecessary links and distractions from your landing page.

Presenting them with fewer options on what to do after landing on your page allows you to highlight your call-to-action options.

The Form Is Too Long

As mentioned earlier, the goal of most landing pages is to ask users to fill out a form. Ideally, the form should only have about three to four fields, one of which is for the user’s email address or other contact details.

Avoid presenting long forms that ask for too much information from site visitors, as doing so will most likely turn them off, which can then cause them to leave your page.

Not Mobile-Friendly

Since most internet users view pages using their mobile devices, it’s highly recommended to develop a landing page that’s optimised for this platform.

That way, your page can still be viewed properly when opened on a smartphone, tablet, or other handheld gadgets.

Making landing pages are mobile-friendly isn’t only about optimising their appearance. You also have to make sure that your lead-capturing process works seamlessly for mobile users.

If you’re looking to increase your digital presence by capturing the attention of potential customers, then make sure to get in touch with Digital Marketer Bee. Through our services, we can develop a landing page that perfectly resonates with your brand image and audience demographic. In addition to developing a conversion-focused landing page, we can also promote it using tried-and-tested digital marketing strategies.  


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