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Like Family

Like Family wanted to become the go-to NDIS and care support provider in their area by attracting more customers and standing out from its competitors.

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The brand

Like Family is a care and NDIS support service provider that caters to the elderly and individuals with disability. The company’s Social Carers offer home care, transportation, and companionship services to their clients to help them achieve their daily living goals and live independently. They are also committed to helping people become active members of their community.

The challenge

Like Family’s goal was to expand its digital presence in order to cater to the care and support needs of more customers. To achieve this, Digital Marketer Bee utilised tried and tested search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies and carefully-crafted Google advertising campaigns to help Like Family become more visible to new customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

For our SEO campaign, we used a combination of different strategies to increase traffic to Like Family’s website. Some of these included conducting a technical SEO audit, optimising the website for keywords that targeted the search queries of users, improving the site’s health score by resolving a number of errors, warnings, and notices, and producing and publishing informative blog content.

The combination of these SEO efforts helped increase the organic traffic to Like Family’s website by 13.51% during their first month with Digital Marketer Bee. In addition, the number of new users to the site increased by 10.5%.

Google Ads

We were able to further improve Like Family’s online visibility by launching Google ad campaigns that effectively targeted the company’s core audience. We were able to achieve this by targeting keywords that appeal to users’ search intent, crafting effective ad copies, and optimising the ads based on the location and demographics of the target audience.

Through our marketing efforts, we were able to increase the conversion rate of Like Family’s website by 10.6% with a 12.5% rise in click-through rates in 30 days.

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