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You’re an NDIS service provider in need of marketing solutions. Having trouble getting more clients? We’re here to change that.

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Our hive creates continuous growth for buzzing brands

Our talented digital growth experts utilise tried-and-tested marketing, social media, and SEO resources and strategies to develop comprehensive campaigns designed to provide brands with long-term and sustainable digital growth.

Bullseye Clinic

The Bullseye Optometry and Sensory Clinic wanted to have a modern website that’s both functional and designed for conversions in order to attract more customers.

Like Family

Like Family wanted to become the go-to NDIS and care support provider in their area by attracting more customers and standing out from its competitors.


Kirinari’s objective was to get more leads by expanding their digital presence and increasing brand awareness.

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Want to learn how SEO can jumpstart your NDIS business and establish a highly-visible online presence for your company?

Download our free SEO checklist to learn how you can utilise different SEO strategies and techniques to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors and establish yourself as the go-to NDIS service provider in your area.

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Website Design and Development

As a full-time NDIS marketing agency, we’ll design and develop a user-friendly NDIS website that accurately reflects your business’ nature and brand image.

By providing you with a functional website that’s easy to navigate, we’ll help convert your site visitors into paying customers.

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46% increase in potential leads

“Digital Marketer Bee was fantastic right from the start. In one of the first meetings we had with Bee, I stopped and said, ‘Bee, I just want to congratulate you on how good you are at your job.”

Cameron Walker KDEC - DMBee client

Cameron Walker
Managing Directory, KDEC

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our NDIS SEO utilises the latest white-hat search engine optimisation techniques to help your website rank #1 on Google search pages.

We can help you become the top NDIS service provider in your area by improving your online visibility and increasing traffic to your website.

Wiseliving logo - Digital Marketer Bee Client

122.31% increase in website traffic

“Digital Marketer Bee is a local company. They give personalised service and we’ve been really impressed with the way that they’ve gotten to know our products, they’ve improved our service as we’ve gone along in our relationship. And we couldn’t imagine our marketing mix without them.”

Lauren S.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Beat your competitors and other NDIS service providers in your area by launching laser-targeted and highly-converting ads on Google and Facebook.

As your NDIS digital growth partner, we’ll create online advertising campaigns that effectively target your core audience.

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157.58% increase in leads

“We’re just in the learning stages of doing what we’re doing and it has been really nice to have a goal without being pushed in a certain direction, and it felt like we’ve been listened to the whole way. I definitely would recommend working with Digital Marketer Bee.”

Dan Leary
Adapta Ramps

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We’re a full-service NDIS marketing agency that can deliver a full-stack of Results.
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Digital Marketer Bee
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Digital Marketer Bee
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2 leads a month30 leads a month
170 leads a month+ 90 leads a month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing refers to the use of various online mediums to increase connection with potential customers. It involves using websites designed to promote your brand’s message or for e-commerce, optimizing your website for search engines, harnessing the power of social media and using emails to expand your brand’s reach. Targeted and often bespoke strategies are employed to ensure that your brand’s message, or offering, is seen by the right type of audience.

In days gone by, marketing was a blunt instrument, and advertising a scattergun approach. Otherwise it involved big budgets for free to air television ad slots or in print media.

Fast forward to the modern digital age we now live in and people use the internet to virtually search for all products and services.

It is the job of digital marketers to ensure that your business can easily connect with potential customers through a range of online channels. This may include a well designed website that is easily found online, or targeted advertisements suggested to those looking for what your business offers, or campaigns designed to increase the reputation of your brand, providing a strong online presence to keep your business front and center in the minds of potential customers. Through the right strategies, digital marketing can help boost your business’ leads, conversions, and of course profits. Even if you’re running a traditional brick-and-mortar store, digital marketing can still do the leg work of getting out there and knocking on the digital doors of people’s homes, introducing your business to the wider world while you focus on what you do best.

Many agencies like to impress potential clients by bombarding them with buzzwords and statistical data related to digital marketing. Although these may sound impressive at first, they are ultimately confusing to those that don’t live and breathe digital marketing. In fact, the digital world moves at a dizzying pace and even those of us that have ones and zeroes coursing through our veins can struggle to keep up with every development.

However, with the right explanation, even a lay person should be able to understand the fundamentals. You should always make sure to choose the agency that can provide personalised services and take the time to explain what strategies or approaches are best for your business according to your business’ needs and goals.

In short – yes. Everything seems to have sped up these days and the online world in particular. Technological advancements in the field of digital marketing mean new trends are constantly evolving. For instance, the explosion in smartphone popularity means more people than ever are using them to access websites, with implications for web design applications and functionality.

As digital marketers, we carefully study these various trends in order to determine how to improve your business’ online presence and connect you with your customers.

We work with various types of companies, however we do specialise in agriculture and NDIS service providers. If you are interested in exploring how digital marketing can help grow your business, then we would love to hear from you. We are experts in creating strategies and providing services designed specifically to expand your business’ digital presence and drive sales.

For us, success in the digital marketing agency isn’t only about your website’s traffic volume or the number of clicks your ads get. We’re focused on converting the traffic and clicks into sales.

We accomplish this by carefully analysing your brand’s core audience and implementing marketing strategies that are driven by the information we have gathered. Our goal is to convert your site’s visitors into paying customers.

You’re more than welcome to browse through our Case Studies page to check out our various clients. While we do specialise in working with NDIS Service providers and agricultural businesses, we work with businesses from a broad range of industries. Even if we haven’t worked with a client that isn’t in the same industry as your company, we can still deliver outstanding results due to our desire to learn and our extensive experience in the field of digital marketing.

You can get in touch with us through our Contact Us page and our various social media channels. You can also get a free consultation by booking a Strategy Call through our website.

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