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Hey there, it’s me again – Bee, founder and Head of the Hive.

When I’m not walking the dogs, making people laugh or knocking on every businesses door in the neighbourhood, I’m brewing a honeypot of fresh success for my clients.

How? Well, I’ve got a flavour for helping SMBs and companies sell their ideas, products, services, and programs through simplified effective online marketing strategies.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, and my first business was born out of a love for fashion – designing clothes to sell to markets. Way back when in the early days of Facebook, I was fascinated by the social revolution and how a business could reach its customers right at their virtual doorstep. Through (a lot) of trial and error using Facebook Ads, my business exploded – going from 20 sewing machines to 250, and exporting to Macy’s and Nordstrom within a single year.

I wish I could say my story of success was that linear. I wish I could tell you that I rode off into the elusive Millionaires’ Club on a shiny unicorn. That I made it, and never again had to so much as lift my own grapes when sitting out in the sun on the sixth-floor deck of my Point Piper mansion.

But I didn’t. I went completely bankrupt. My professional and personal life came tumbling down around me, loudly and expensively – and bit by bit, I had to pick up the pieces.

From there, I did a few things. I started another business, freelanced, managed all online and influencer marketing for large e-Commerce brands (even got one of the Jenner’s to wear my brands’ bikini), worked in sales – a bit of this and a bit of that. Through it all, though, one thing remained:

I couldn’t shake my fascination for Facebook marketing.

A short while ago, I traded my stilettos for hunter boots to embrace country life. Armed with a degree in Business Management and a strange fetish for walking many kilometres per day, I decided to lean back into my passion for the little blue ‘f’, and knock on local businesses doors in the hope I could help them acquire customers and optimise their marketing spend through effective Facebook ads.

In my pursuit, I collected a lot of no’s. But I also gained some yes’s – and after those initial businesses saw the results I garnered, many more like them came flying came in. Today, I’ve built a hive of buzzing worker bees putting their results-based marketing tactics into action to service businesses both locally and globally across every sector imaginable.

Say g’day to the team*

Funnel and FB Ads Specialists
Content Writer
Head Copywriter , partnered with Wordy and Smith
Business Development Manager
Muse of the Leads Team
Master of the Leads Team
Keeper of Peace

So what will all that mean for you?

“Sure, sure, Bee, you spun a nice yarn just then. But what will that all mean for my business?” – Business Beekeeper.

We know Facebook ads and automation.
Like, we really know it. I’ve personally been working in and around the space since it began - and coupled with my veteran eyes, my team members are committed to keeping up with every changing algorithm, every snippet of user data development and every best-practice bot tactic.
We know what it takes to run a business.
We know what it’s like to take a passion and run with it against the wind. We know the trials and tribulations, because we’ve experienced them first-hand. We know that the money you spend is your money, not the frivolous cash of some tax-havened head office. We don’t take that honour lightly.
We’ve developed a strategy that works.
You believe in your product or service, and you know it’s the best. You’re excellent at working with clients, doing whatever it is that you do - what you trained for or love. But you’re not savvy with marketing, and you want more clients through the door. Our proven, tried-and-tested multi-step funnel automation strategy can help. It’s worked for others just like you - now it’s your turn.
We provide value-adds at every turn.
There are so many facets to your business, and the work that we do doesn’t just stop at Facebook automation. Sure - that’s where we excel on paper, but we’re going to help you all over. For one thing, we don’t rest until your funnel is as optimised as it possibly can bee, but when you work with us, you’re working with a swarm of experts who’ll share freebie marketing tips and tricks galore, including outside of Facebook. Where else can you get that kind of brainpower?

Some of the results we’ve generated.

“This chiropractic clinic signed up with Digital Marketer Bee last May, and are still happily using our services. With a robust social automation put in place, their reach and engagement has exploded by XX%.”
“This mobile repair shop engaged Digital Marketer Bee for a two-week Facebook ad campaign to boost incoming lead enquiries. Once we’d sprinkled our magic, they received over 99 ‘hot’ messages from new leads.”

*belly laughs, listening ears, real results GUARANTEED.

We love a good challenge, and we’re up for one. Are you?