A total profit strategy.

At Digital Marketer Bee, we’re Digital Marketing experts

We don’t sleep until we’ve helped you generate leads, increase brand awareness and generate profit, and that’s just us warming up. We want to help you optimise every cent you spend, on people who are genuinely going to book, buy and buzz with you – so that you not only break even, but actually generate a return on the investment of working with us.

Bee Cuevas, Founder and Owner of Digital Marketer Bee, Best Digital Marketing Agency In Albury Wodonga

Our story is still being written, as is yours. Born as Bee the founder’s dream, from offering businesses in Albury – Wodonga the power to leverage Facebook advertising, it has turned into a buzzing collaborative agency of digital marketing experts with over 100 years of collective experience in web development and digital marketing.

Founder Bee’s previous experience in business ownership started in the fashion industry. And while she loved her company, something was still missing.

Sharing her Facebook Advertising knowledge with business partners, friends, and business owners she met at different events was more thrilling than anything else. Especially when every single one of those people came back to thank her, as her advice helped them increase sales.

So… she started teaming up with marketing, web development, and web design nerds who share the same creative, yet focused on results vision as her.

That’s how Digital Marketer Bee came together. And our journey will include your success story as well if you’ll let us help you achieve yours.

Bee Cuevas, Founder and Owner of Digital Marketer Bee, Best Digital Marketing Agency In Albury Wodonga

We’re driven by your success

Digital Marketer Bee is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency, guided by our queen bee, Bee. Our collective experience of more than 100 years in branding, design, development, and advertising is responsible for our clients’ buzzing success.

We offer full-stack services, as well as marketing and advertising consulting. Combining strategy with creativity and wrapping everything into a UI/UX fine-tuned vision is the recipe for success we create for your business.

Nothing gets done without a full Digital Strategy Session where we analyze your business’ online presence, your goals, your budget, and most important: your results!

Our core values


Your business’ growth can only happen through ours. That’s why we’re constantly learning, testing, adapting, and developing our knowledge and expertise.

Long Term Vision

We’re not here for a quick fix. You’ll have us as partners for the long run. Because Rome was NOT built in a day.


Driven by strong moral principles, we will guide you and help you achieve success, the honest way.


We’re responsible for your success, your customers’ buying experience, and our team members. Mutual respect and communication are building blocks of our agency.


The fuel behind our mission. That, combined with raw data, is the foundation of great market positioning.


Because sometimes you just need a go-getter. Especially when navigating the world wide web, with all its wonders…and sometimes blockages. We push through and make it happen for you!

Design and Build

Visuals need to match your brand, your products, and what your prospects look for. All that in a fast-loading package. Our team of web designers and developers is here to deliver.

Email Marketing

Leverage your most powerful asset – your email list. We’ll make sure your emails land in the inbox, have high open and click-through rates, and convert to sales.

Facebook and Google Ads

The internet’s two main money-sucking pits – IF you don’t know what you’re doing. With more than 50 years of combined experience in digital advertising and direct response copywriting, we make sure your ad spend delivers ROI instead of burning a hole in your pocket.

Organic Media

Authentic relationships build valuable engagement. This leads your customers through the know-love-trust cycle that ends up with them throwing money at you. Doesn’t that sound good?