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May 19, 2022

12 Social Media Content You Can Try For Your Business

Social media is a powerful platform that business owners and marketers can utilise to increase brand awareness. It provides them with a direct way to engage with their target audience, which they can then turn into leads and paying customers.

However, launching a social media campaign can be a bit challenging due to the consistency it requires when it comes to producing high-quality content. In order to keep your followers engaged, it’s important to release various kinds of content that appeal to the interests of your target audience.

Here are the 12 types of content that you can incorporate into your social media campaign.

Written Content

Written content refers to blog posts, articles, and guides that you can create to share valuable information with your audience.

Ideally, these posts should reflect your knowledge and expertise in your industry. The purpose of this type of content is to establish your credibility by being a source of compelling and useful information.


Electronic books are longer versions of written content. Through eBooks, you can go into detail regarding the topics you want to discuss with your target audience.

Usually, this type of digital content is shared with your LinkedIn network and promoted using your other social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter.

External Content

If you don’t have the time and resources to produce lengthy articles and detailed eBooks, you can share external content produced by other industry leaders and sources that are relevant to your industry.

Before using this option, though, make sure to thoroughly read the article to make sure that its content coincides with your brand’s identity and the image that you’re trying to establish.

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High-quality images tend to receive a lot of engagement from followers on different social media platforms. This is an effective technique as long as the image and its art copy are relevant to your company and industry.

Attaching images to your blog articles is also an effective way to get clicks from site visitors.


Videos tend to perform well on social media because not only do they capture the attention of users, but they are also prioritised by Facebook’s algorithm. This means videos have better chances of reaching a large number of users compared to other post types.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can choose to create videos containing how-to guides, product updates, service demonstrations, customer feedback, and tours of your office or facility.

Video Stories

Video stories are images and short clips that last for about 24 hours. They’re currently available on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Since they disappear a day after posting, stories can be effectively used for company announcements, behind-the-scenes footage, and updates for upcoming sales and special offers.

Live Videos

Another type of video content that you can utilise for your business is live videos. Aside from announcements and promotions, live videos can be used to stream events hosted by your company.

Doing so allows you to connect with your followers who are unable to physically attend the event.

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If you’re looking to share hard data, statistics, and other detailed information about your industry to your audience in an engaging way, then you should definitely consider sharing infographics.

Although this type of content is usually facts-driven, it can still capture the attention of your followers due to its visual appeal.

More importantly, infographics are designed to make detailed information more digestible and easy to understand.


The positive reviews and testimonials from your customers can improve the credibility of your brand by making it more trustworthy.

Sharing customer feedback on social media can help people in their decision-making process and encourage them to avail of your products and services.


Sharing announcements and updates about upcoming events, products, and sales can help build hype around your brand. It also appeals to many people because it allows them to get the inside scoop about your company.

These announcements can also play an important role in your marketing strategy by capturing the attention of potential paying customers.


contest-launch giveaway

Giveaways and contests are also effective social media techniques since in order to win, participants are required to engage with your post or page. Usually, this involves asking them to share the post or like your page to be part of the contest.

Of course, you’ll have to offer a prize to encourage people to join the giveaway. The prize could be something from your company or from a non-competitor.

The latter option involves collaborating with another company, which can give you an opportunity to further boost your brand visibility.


Holiday-themed posts tend to work well on social media since aside from the fact that people generally love festivities and holidays, they also give the idea that your company is part of the community.

You can also take advantage of this type of content by tweaking your holiday message to coincide with your business’ activities and offerings.

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