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November 08, 2017

Don’t Know What To Post? 7 Easy Post Ideas That Facebook’s Algorithm Loves For Dental Practices

At first, handling the Facebook page of your dental practice may seem daunting because of the numerous factors you have to consider when it comes to posting the perfect content to drive engagement.

Coupled with the fact that Facebook engagement on business pages has been declining by 20 percent since the beginning of 2017 according to a recent study by BuzzSumo managing a social media page to generate traffic seems like a lot of hard work.

Fortunately, despite this unfavourable trend, there are still a number of proven ways that you can take advantage of to ensure that you are getting the most out of your dental practice’s Facebook page.

Through these simple strategies, you’ll be able to successfully engage your followers and even gain new patients.

Know When to Post

One of the most important thing that you have to remember is finding the perfect time when to post.

In other words, post or share your content during the time when most of your patients are on Facebook.

To do so, open your Facebook page and click on Insights located at the top bar. From here click on the Post tab to view which times of the day your patients are mostly online.

By taking advantage of your Facebook page’s own data, you’ll be able to determine the best time of the day when your posts will reach most of your patients.

Prioritise Videos

Among the various types of posts shared on Facebook, video content still ranks as number one. Aside from its visual appeal, videos can also be entertaining and informative without taking up too much of your patient’s time.

As a result, Facebook users tend to react more to videos instead of text-based posts such as articles or status updates.

With this in mind, always remember to incorporate videos as part of your online strategy. But, make sure to avoid posting any type of video to your page.

After all, the content and quality still matter especially when it comes to gaining likes, comments and shares from your patients.

Aside from conventional videos, Live Videos have also become a huge part of social media. In fact, according to Facebook, people spend more time watching videos that are still live compared to pre-recorded ones.

Share Entertaining Images

Like videos, entertaining images such as funny photos and memes can also easily catch the attention of your patients.

Although sharing any viral meme or image can do wonders for your Facebook page, avoid constantly sharing everything that you can get your hands on.

Doing so will just turn your page into a random collection of images with no central theme. Instead, pick or create images that are also related to dentistry.

Not only will this strategy keep your patients entertained, but it will also keep them aware of your dental practice.

Facebook Ad Creatives that Convert

Worked hard on a Facebook ad only to spend so much and make little ROAS after? Try our guide on creating ad creatives that help optimise conversions.

Post Personal Stories

Telling personal stories through Facebook is also an effective strategy that can help you stay connected with your patients.

These can serve as a way to let your patients know more about the culture of your dental practice and your personal experiences.

Stories can help humanise your brand, allowing you to connect with your patients on a deeper level since chances are, they also have similar stories to tell.

One of the best ways to share stories is by sharing photos of your team members and your dental practice.

When patients become familiar with your team, you strengthen the relationships that allow your practice to thrive.

And the people from Brush and Floss, surely knows how to to do it.

Don’t know where to start on getting your brand abuzz?

Be Aware of Trending Topics

Another way that you can boost your Facebook page’s engagement is by breaking trending news.

Sharing or producing content related to trending or viral topics can elicit a huge positive response through likes, shares and comments.

Also, this is one of the factors that Facebook hugely considers when it comes to ranking posts in the News Feed.

If you are the first to spread the word about a trending topic or one that is just about to go viral, Facebook will award you with a higher ranking, which will then increase the chances of your post in reaching your patients.

Share Curated Content

Sharing content from other businesses’ Facebook pages might seem counter-productive. But actually, this is a good way to broaden your reach and connecting with a bigger audience.

This strategy works in increasing the number of likes that you will get because by sharing curated content from another page, you are posting something that resonates with a greater number of people who have shared interests.

Doing so can help your page attract the followers of the other page that posted the original content.

Recycling Top Posts

Recycling a top post, or one that had previously amassed a huge number of likes and shares is an effective way of generating new engagement.

For one, the original post had already resonated well with your patients, and will most likely get the job done again when you re-post it. However, keep in mind that recycling a post does not simply mean bumping it up or re-posting in.

In order to make the most out of the recycled post, edit to make it look new. You can do this by adding a video or image to the original post to give your patients something new to interact with.

Following the strategies listed above will ensure the organic growth of your dental practice’s Facebook page.

You can choose to strictly follow each step or you can combine certain strategies to optimise the reach of your posts.

We would love to hear which of these strategies worked the most for your business. Feel free to let us know in the comment box below!


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