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  • you will work with an SEO expert, not an account manager.

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Our SEO experts have put together thousands of successful digital marketing campaigns for Ballarat businesses looking to increase leads, phone calls, transactions, and qualified local website traffic. They’ll do the same for you. Get a game plan that will help you dominate the search rankings in Ballarat.

Get ahead of the competition in your area. We’ll help you gain traction and get more local customers by putting you on top of the local listings. With our strategy, everyone in your town will know your name.

We know how to think big. If you’re a large-scale enterprise, we’ll pull all the stops to help you be several steps ahead of your competition to make your company grow even further — further than you’ve imagined. Our business lies in crushing your sales targets and achieving your bottom line.

Ecommerce is all the rage right now. With plenty of competition, it can be hard to get your name out there. As your growth partner, we’ll carefully strategise and build a campaign that can help you capture real customers and earn more revenue.

Visits don’t matter if they don’t translate into sales. Digital Marketer Bee only builds strategies that zero in on genuine consumer interest, resulting in actual leads that eventually translate into sales.

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Our Ballarat search experts will utilise tried and tested strategies to generate long-term results – while also thinking outside of the box to see short-term wins when you need them most.

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strategy delivers long-term results

We are a local digital marketing agency that provides expert SEO and Google Ads services for Ballarat businesses. We constantly tweak our SEO approach to keep your business on top of algorithm changes, ahead of your competition, and consistently exceeding your marketing goals.

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8,700% increase in year-on-year leads

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318% more website traffic


390% increase in year-on-year enquiries on google


We begin your assessment with a website audit, which includes the number of pages your site has, your site structure, how it’s indexed, and your link portfolio. This provides an overview of the most important factors that influence your website’s usability and visibility on Ballarat searches. It also shows us how your site ranks for the most critical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) criteria including domain age, website structure, mobile readiness, website security, backlinks, link authority, site performance, search engine data, and social media presence among others.

Next up, we thoroughly check out your competition whether in the Ballarat area or Australia-wide and how you currently rank against the swarm so we can help you rise to the top.


We create your unique SEO strategy based on our thorough assessment that will enable you to sting your competition and leave them wondering what happened. We do this by:

  • uncovering their portfolio of backlinks
  • sleuthing out their key phrases that bring in the most traffic
  • creating a strategic plan that will leave them crying when you grab all their traffic

The vast majority of other SEO agencies skip these crucial steps and that is why their rankings don’t last.


Once your laser-targeted strategy is ready to go, the hive’s SEO worker bees or ‘SEO experts’ begin buzzing to implement your plan immediately so you get fast results. We’ll also send you a weekly report and monthly progress report so you are always aware of how your SEO implementation is progressing. Most importantly, our SEO online reporting is at your beck and call 24/7!

our potent formula for success

transparency and accountability

  • you’ll be working with an SEO specialist with a minimum of 10 years experience.
  • we’ve built a powerful in-house software that allows us to deliver higher impact services faster.
  • elite partner status with Google, Facebook, Shopify and more.


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We are a local digital agency that provides expert SEO services in Ballarat. We focus on high-performance campaigns with results you can see for yourself, boosting your bottom line and helping your business in Ballarat achieve success with SEO services.

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219.64% increase in website traffic

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182.89% increase in new user traffic

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100% transparency and no excuses. Just bulletproof strategies that dramatically increase website traffic and revenue, even during tough economic times.

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frequently asked questions

You know what–we don’t know! But one thing we can assure you is that it’s totally worth every dollar you invest! Our comprehensive pricing will help you see where all your spending goes.

Our SEO services start at A$1200 per month and scale on how intricate your SEO campaign is going to be.

We believe in integrity and accountability, and we aim to become the foremost SEO agency in Ballarat. Our big list of clients can help us prove that.

Local SEO ensures that your web pages are appearing to people who are most likely to be your customers geographically. As an example, you’re reading this because you searched online for an SEO expert in Ballarat and found one. 🙂

We work with businesses that know the value of investing in results-based SEO and digital marketing efforts.

When it comes to customers’ buyer journey, Google is often the first place they’ll go to learn more about products and services that might provide a solution for what they’re looking for. Meeting your customers there by popping up as soon as they type in a general search query (even if it isn’t exactly your business name!) is just good business, and is a critical component of getting users to complete a conversion or engagement.

Google is always improving the algorithm to help users get the most relevant results for their queries. The same SEO campaign a couple of months ago might no longer be viable after an update. Here at Digital Marketer Bee, we keep up with updates so that your SEO campaign doesn’t get stung.

You can be on top of Google ads results for as long as you have the budget, but you can be on top of Google organic search forever. Even foundational SEO efforts on your website can have a lasting impact on your rankings & traffic; what more a full-blown SEO campaign? Our strategies can help you climb the search engine results rankings faster and make your listings stay on top.

When you rank highly for an important keyword, you’ll get more site traffic. Studies show that the first position on results pages gets roughly 33% of clicks, while the second position receives around 15%, with decreasing numbers from there. The top position truly is a prized location in search, and if you can get there, you’re going to see an increase in site traffic.

The short answer is six months to one year. The long answer is: it depends. The competition was less intense in the past and the search engine algorithms only relied on keywords and links on a 50-50 basis to rank a webpage. This means that if you added lots of relevant keywords to your webpage and built some links, then you had a 100% chance of ranking in Google pretty quickly. Prior to two and a half years ago, you could start seeing results in six months. You still can to some extent, but nowadays it really does take a year plus – unless you have brand queries in which a lot of people are typing in your domain name and you have a high click-through rate and amazing user metrics.

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