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May 06, 2022

5 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Boost SEO Performance

Although social media, in its current form, doesn’t have a direct effect on search engine rankings, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be part of your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy.

Rather than being part of a totally separate strategy, social media marketing can help support the SEO performance of websites in a number of ways.

In other words, using this platform properly can lead to a boost in your site’s Google search ranking.

This article covers five effective techniques that digital marketers and e-commerce business owners can use to leverage social media for their SEO efforts.

Establish Link Opportunities

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are great places to build link opportunities to your website. After all, they have been designed to allow people to share content.

However, keep in mind that you’ll only be able to establish link-building opportunities with social media as long as you produce high-quality and engaging content that’s worth sharing.

You can accomplish this by creating evergreen content on your site and sharing them on social media. For instance, you can focus on drafting blog articles that are relevant to your brand and appeal to your followers’ interests.

Doing so increases the chances of the post getting shared, which can also boost the link-building opportunities for your website.

Increase Positive Mentions And Brand Awareness

According to the general guidelines of Google’s Search Quality Rating, brand mentions play an important role in the reliability score of a website.

Social media can help improve a site’s rating by maintaining the presence and positive perception of a brand. Establishing a strong social media presence can be achieved by posting relevant content and responding directly to customers through private messages and post comments.

With a positive presence on social media, you’ll be able to turn your customers and followers into brand advocates. You can then encourage them to mention your brand on their own social media accounts and other platforms.

Form Partnerships

Aside from consistently producing high-quality content, another social media marketing strategy that can help boost your SEO performance is establishing partnerships.

In addition to your brand advocates, this method also involves reaching out to organic and paid influencers and non-competitive businesses.

The goal is to collaborate with these individuals and organisations to produce content that will appeal to you and your partners’ followers, which can help improve your brand’s social mentions and awareness.

For instance, you can partner with another company or brand that’s not a direct competitor for a social media giveaway contest. In addition to boosting your post engagements, this action also allows you to use your partner’s followers as your new brand advocates.

Case Studies

Learn more about the brands that have gained buzz with our help.

Establish Authority

Sharing informative and highly engaging blog posts from your website on your social media accounts is a good way to establish authority within your niche or industry.

By producing relevant information that people can share and use as their primary source, you’ll be able to broaden the reach of your brand and increase its discoverability.

In terms of its technical implications, producing credible content helps you gain the trust of your followers and site visitors. In turn, your website’s trustworthiness and authority improve.

These factors play a huge role in Google’s evaluation of your site’s search ranking performance.

Improve Your Content Lifespan

As you’ve probably noticed, producing and sharing content is a vital component of an effective social media marketing strategy.

Even though you’re writing amazing articles or producing entertaining videos for your website, people probably won’t see them unless you share them on your social media pages.

Aside from getting more views, social media can also extend the lifespan of your blog posts as they get shared and circulated by your followers.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, you’ll only be able to take advantage of this benefit if your content is informative and engaging.

As your shared videos and article make their rounds on social media, your digital presence increases, which also helps in the visibility and SEO performance of your website.

If you’re looking to improve your site’s search ranking and social media presence, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Digital Marketer Bee. Through our tried-and-tested and conversion-focused services, we can provide you with tailored social media marketing and SEO strategies that can boost your brand’s online visibility.


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